The Lucas Bryant obsession

Yep, I am in full on obsession mode, trying to get my hands on anything and everything Lucas Bryant has done in the past… I fell for him recently and can’t get enough. I’ve been roaming the internet, finding interviews and pictures and other TV/movies he has done and I am liking what I am seeing. I even updated his Wikipedia page, adding a son in the ‘personal life’ section after I read in a recent interview that he had also become dad to a baby son in 2015 (he already has a daughter).

Especially everything he did before Haven is difficult to come by… But I did find a little gem from 2006 called Playing House (in the end only downloadable via iTunes USA, something that took a bit of researching on how to do that for me here in The Netherlands). The movie is about a young woman enjoying her life in New York and her latest fling when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant. She must re-evaluate what it actually is she wants out of life and what sort of man she does or doesn’t want to share her life with. A recognizable struggle, I think. Lucas plays the maybe not exactly ideal but sweet musician boyfriend who is the father of the baby. He is so young in this (in 2006 he would have been 28), a bit of a bouncy puppy really, but he is absolutely endearing… Here’s a fan video for that movie…

Lucas the actor can also sing and play guitar and is a bit of a goofball… (and I think he was the motor behind the lyrics of the song in this following video, because when the others sing their parts, you can see his lips moving subtly along to some of the words as well).

He also plays guitar in Playing House for his baby which is really sweet…

Literally the second after this lovely moment ends, baby mayhem ensues again. I thought the movie depicted extremely well what life can be like for parents with a newborn. I recognized a lot, showed some scenes to my husband and he sat nodding beside me. Overwhelming love and desperation and cluelessness all rolled into one rollercoaster ride…. Yeah, little gem of a film.

Lucas Bryant was a cute young actor and now is maturing very nicely in his end 30s. Here are some more Shoot the Messenger stills, an 8-epsiode TV series set in Toronto that he did after finishing Haven in 2015 and it aired in 2016 (I shortly already mentioned StM at the end of my one-day film festival post). He’s very good in this!

While I’m at it, a few more Haven shots in a slideshow…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And one of the videos I found on YouTube was a charming one of him answering questions from fans wearing a hat and looking soooo cute in that too (click on images to enlarge, it’s worth it)!

OK, here’s that video too…

He’s also on Twitter but mostly only for promo purposes, he hasn’t been on for a while now. He is charming and amusing on there as well. There are no announcements for new projects for him yet that I am aware of. I hope something turns up soon because I want to see more of him!

Yeah, all of this babble may not interest anyone but I am smitten and when I am smitten like this I just need to let it all out on blog. It’s amazing how there is always room in your heart for more than you already have in there to love. I love love, it is such a wonderful thing!

20 thoughts on “The Lucas Bryant obsession

    1. Er ist auch noch recht unbekannt, vielleicht ändert sich das noch irgendwann.
      Ich bin so hin und weg, dass ich fast jede Minute die ich für Privatsachen habe auf meinem Laptop an ihm widme. 🙂

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    2. Susan

      I am currently obsessed with Lucas Bryant having just watched Haven twice over on Netflix. Like you I have searched out all things Lucas on TV and You Tube. He is funny and adorable and seems like a great guy. Hopefully, he will get a new series soon. Thanks for your blog to know I’m not alone❤️

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      1. Hi and thank you for reading and commenting! I’m not as obsessed anymore as I was then but I do still follow any projects he may have up his sleeve. Alas, it’s been quiet with Lucas for a while now. He did a Hallmark Christmas movie and has finished another one that hasn’t aired yet, I hope for more too!


    1. Welcome, it was my pleasure sharing. 🙂
      No, he isn’t really known yet, ‘Haven’ was a Syfy channel show with a passionate but I don’t think really huge following. He was at the 2016 Saturn Awards, the same one where Richard won for Hannibal, so there’s a little link there. 🙂

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    1. I think he’s new to most people.
      OMG, the hat pictures… so freaking gorgeous! In the hat video he sometimes talks directly to camera and then stares, it’s like he’s staring right at me with the blue eyes, scruffy 3 day beard and that hat… that literally makes my heart skip beats. 🙂 At about 1 minute in he answers a question from a French lady – the twinkle in the eye, the looks to camera, the slight French accent he adopts… oooh la la!! Seriously heartbeat-skipping stuff. 🙂

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