Snow day!

Except for a few cold days here and there, it has been a mild winter so far. This morning, however, has felt like the first real winter day – we woke up to a white world, covered in a layer of snow. Not that deep but it’s there!


Apparently it will all be gone again tomorrow, so my husband and I took the chance to take a walk in the snow through our neighbourhood…

I also saw this Hugh Jackman Instagram post this morning…


… and know exactly how he feels. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Snow day!

  1. LOL. Even for those of us who grew up with it — it’s an endlessly fascinating (and aggravating) thing. Glad you’re enjoying yours!

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    • Thanks! My daughter and I built a snowman in our backyard this morning but it’s all rapidly melting now. The snowman is leaning dangerously far to the right and the clothing peg nose has already fallen off.
      Yeah, I do get the aggravation, especially when you have to deal for longer periods, but it is soooo beautiful!

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  2. Wir hatten heute auch Schnee, es war richtig schön, ungefähr so wie bei Euch 🙂
    Und heute Abend ist er schon wieder weg 😦 hat nicht lange gehahlten, leider.
    Aber für einmal im Schnee joggen, hinfallen und Handy kaputtmachen hat es gereicht….. das war dann weniger gut, mein Sohn versucht sich gerade dran, meint es ist ein hardwarefehler (heul)

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  3. La neige et le verglas sont prévus pour cette fin de nuit. Je verrai ou pas, demain matin… Bonne fin de semaine!

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  4. We’ve had SO much snow here that it’s breaking records. Tired of it now !

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