Rich is busy!

After a month or so of radio silence Richard Armitage is back and he’s busy! First, last week there were pictures of him filming scenes (in a supporting role, I gather) for his new project Ocean’s 8 with James Corden and some dogs in New York City…

I really like this look on Richard, with the comfy clothes and the slightly longer, scruffy hair. And the beard of course, the beard is back! This is a movie that I am sure will hit our screens sometime, so yay, finally some actual Richard-big-screen-time to look forward to! Although Sleepwalker seems to be finally getting some momentum as well, as it was screened at the Santa Barbara film festival this past weekend. The poster for that looks a little creepy..

I don’t do creepy films well, but Richard is in this, so I will go to see it if it ever hits screens over here. 🙂

Anyway, back to what Richard is doing now. I think he will be filming Berlin Station in the early spring (has he even been officially confirmed for that one yet, though? Time will tell!) and now there’s the scoop (thanks Servetus!) that he will next be filming a movie with Julie Delpy called My Zoe! According to this the movie is about…

“[…] the fascinating and confrontational story about the lengths to which a mother’s love goes for her child. […] Delpy plays Isabelle, a geneticist recovering from a toxic marriage and raising her daughter Zoe in conjunction with her ex-husband. Zoe means everything to her mother, but when tragedy strikes the fractured family, Isabelle takes matters into her own hands.”

Richard will be playing the ex husband! This sounds like something good for Richard to sink his teeth into and a nice cast as well. There’s Julie Delpy, from Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight fame and also creator of this new movie…


Gemma Arterton, who I only just this past Sunday admired in Their Finest

Gemma Arterton

And Daniel Brühl, the German actor I loved in Goodbye, Lenin! and in Inglorious Basterds and I hope to also see him in the upcoming The Zookeeper’s Wife…


Great cast will I am sure equal great acting in what sounds like a good story! Yes, I’m excited for this one!

13 thoughts on “Rich is busy!

  1. 2017 is finally picking up pace – at least when it comes to RA’s project. O8 will surely hit our screens, so we’ll definitely get to see RA this year. I’m really excited about Sleepwalker, though. Creepy films are not my genre, but I survived Hannibal, so I’ll survive this, too. And the latest announcement sounds interesting, too. Upon re-reading the blurb that you kindly included, I just realised that RA is probably type-cast/mis-cast as the baddie ex-husband, though. “Toxic marriage”. Hmph. But well… with the names included in the project, at least it sounds like a film that has a chance of being shown. Fingers crossed.

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    • I was thinking about that too, about him being typecast… but maybe he’ll be a redeemable kind of toxic? Time will telll!


      • I hope the toxic ex-husband will at least be a good father… Oh, and maybe we are also getting more Daniel. Armitage has just announced that he will return to Berlin. Not sure for what – BS? Marketing for Pilgrimage? Something to do with My Zoe? International man of mystery…


  2. Thanks for the link love. I just saw the trailer for “The Zookeeper’s Wife” this afternoon — looks intriguing.

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  3. Great post! Thanks for collecting all of the “Oceans 8” pix of Richard Armitage in one place! It’s a veritable feast of Richard! And him snagging another film role in the new Julia Delpy film is great!

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  4. Oh yes!!! Ich glaube da kommt viel Spaß auf uns zu 🙂 Das OdB in völlig neuem Look und die Haare sind auch wieder einbisschen länger, bin begeistert! Aber auch die Mädels hier sind großartig ❤

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