United we stand…

… divided we fall! Isn’t that how the saying goes? A new comedy collaboration movement has arisen here in Europe and I love it! To paraphrase a certain orange (our Dutch national colour by the way!) super-power leader:  It will be the best comedy movement in the world! It’s true! It’s huuuge! It’s gonna be great!

Almost two weeks ago this Dutch video (‘America first, The Netherlands second’) was made in reaction to Trump becoming president of the US. It’s gone viral on YouTube…

And now reaction videos to this one are being made in other countries. Germany has made a reaction video and is rallying other European countries to join in (switch on video subtitles if you don’t understand German)…

So, now there’s also a ‘Denmark second’ video. I love how much fun they make of The Netherlands in this one. They make a great point about the name of our country, by the way:

And there’s also a ‘Switzerland second’ video…

And there are more to follow! A website has been set up to collect these videos (although it’s gone down this morning, hopefully it will come back up again soon): http://www.everysecondcounts.eu/

There’s also a Twitter account to follow: https://twitter.com/itsgreateu

Ah, they have even tweeted about the website crashing:

Even the reactions to this tweet are very funny! I’ve screencapped a few…


United in laughter we stand!


39 thoughts on “United we stand…

  1. Hilarious! And we can use the laughs, believe me… I did not know about the miniature town! It’s really cute 🙂

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    • Miniature town is a popular tourist attraction – Dutch landmarks all built to small scale. If you’re ever here in the Netherlands you can visit it in Den Haag (it’s called Madurodam). I’ve been there several times, the kids used to like it too. 😊

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  2. Si dans la préhistoire, au moment de la glaciation du quaternaire, il y a 20 000 ans, une partie de la mer du Nord et toute la Manche était à sec (Doggerland), les prédictions actuelles sont, compte-tenu du réchauffement climatique, vers une montée des eaux. Il faut envisager des déplacements de population. Avec en perspective une montée du niveau de la mer de plusieurs mètres, il faut chercher à se préparer à immigrer vers les hauteurs: les Alpes, les Pyrénées, les Alpes scandinaves, les montagnes d’Angleterre et de l’Ecosse, les volcans d’Islande, les Carpates, l’Oural, le Caucase…Adieu les plaines et les plateaux en dessous de 1000 mètres d’altitude pour les prédictions les plus pessimistes.
    New York aura les pieds dans l’eau, il restera visible le haut de la statue de la liberté et de la Trump Tower..Je ne parlerai pas de Londres, des Polders des Pays Bas, de Belgique ou de Noirmoutier. , Gloup, gloup!

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  3. Oh fantastic, Esther. Thank you for the update. I had seen the Dutch original – great stuff. And the follow-up videos are not half-bad, either. I like the spirit in which they are made – critical and yet self-critical, too. Taking the mickey out of the US, the EU, the other European countries, and themselves. Can’t wait to see more of them.

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    • Yes, I love these for the exact same reasons! Poking fun at everyone. 🙂 I just now saw the Lithuanian one which I also loved…

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        • Actually, the Belgian one I didn’t like that much as it wasn’t really Belgian, in my eyes. Instead of poking fun at all three groups in Belgium it has the Flemish part come off like the real Belgium and disses the French and German parts. They should have dissed all 3 or none at all, imo. But maybe I just live too close to Belgium to notice this…
          The sex jokes were funny (loved the huge pussy one!) but I felt they could have done more, been more diverse in the topics presented, this felt like a rush job to me.
          Still, some nice laughs there, I do agree!


  4. I’ve only seen the Netherlands one, it’s quite a hoot! Thanks for posting these Esther!

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  5. Those are hilarious! Thanks for sharing them!

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  6. Cool to take the wind out of nationalism’s sails with these spoofs of nationalism!

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  7. I have seen the Dutch and the german one 🙂 Thank you for the others, very funny.
    The only thing Trump is good for: black humor

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  8. LOL! And did the video maker–like Spielberg in “Jurrasic Park”–“spare no expense” and get Alec Baldwin to narrate the video? Ha!

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  9. ex-SO just sent me this one about OF. I fell down laughing a few times. Who else has their border guarded by … well, you’ll see.


  10. Brilliant this is what hopefully make europe stay safe we know how to laugh at ourselves while enjoying our diverse identities 😊

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  11. They are getting better and better.

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  12. […] Richtig gut finde ich die America First – XXX second movies, die jetzt das Netz erfreuen. Das erste das ich gesehen habe war das Dutch video bei Esther. […]


  13. I absolutely enjoyed you post!! Thanks💐

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