Tall dark handsome men…

Warning: tall dark handsome men pictures overkill ahead! I may be overcompensating for the depressing times we live in… a girl has got to do something to cheer herself up!

So, I have a very definitive type of man I always fall for. It’s an Oedipus thing – the first man I loved was my dad. He wasn’t particularly tall but he was dark and handsome and smart and caring…

Then I discovered Roman Holiday in my early teens and Gregory Peck…

I adored Peck (and still do), in hindsight he was big time daddy-issue material. Dark and handsome and smart and caring… and tall. I even wrote him a fan letter once! I received a reply about 2 years later with an autographed picture. Apparently a mail bag had been misplaced and found again and I got my reply after all. I have been searching for that autographed picture ever since I discovered not too long ago that it isn’t in the drawer that I thought it would be in…

I also had a soft spot for Richard Chamberlain in those years…

… but I was never as obsessed with him as I was with Gregory Peck.

After Gregory Peck and Richard Chamberlain I fell in love with a real life tall, dark, handsome, smart and caring man (and luckily he fell in love with me) and I’ve very happily hung onto him for the past 25 years

At the end of 1995 I discovered Colin Firth! He walked out of a lake in Pride and Prejudice and straight into my heart…

… and as regular readers here know I still love the man and blog about him!

I’ve had a little flirtation with Pierce Brosnan (even saw him up close and personal two and a half years ago!)…

… and have made a few fan videos with him in them.

I’ve also had a little flirtation with Keanu Reeves (including a fan video I made of an interview he did on Graham Norton and I loved him in that)…

Since 2006 the actor of my heart has been Richard Armitage, of course – the actor I blog about most on here!

And now, since a few weeks, there’s Lucas… No, not this one…

… I was never a huge Lucas North fan (or Spooks fan, for that matter), even if he was portrayed brilliantly by Richard Armitage. No, the Lucas I have discovered is named Lucas Bryant!

I have been watching Hallmark movies and I continue to watch them and Lucas Bryant was in two of them that I actually quite liked. I had seen them before a few months back and I had noticed him then as well. He was instantly on my “oh oh, there you go again!”-radar, but, as I often do when I discover someone new, I try to resist them. If I don’t resist, then I binge-watch and who has the time and energy to binge-watch?

Anyway, I don’t quite remember how, but I happened upon a Syfy channel series called Haven (based on an original story by Stephen King) that aired for 5 seasons but is finished now. And who should be in that but Lucas Bryant, the guy I’ve been trying to ignore?  The series is not quite my kind of thing – supernatural powers that often lead to deaths take over people in a small town. These ‘troubles’ as they are called have to be brought under control by two agents, Audrey Parker (who is somehow weirdly connected to the ‘troubles’) and Nathan Wuornos. His trouble isn’t that dangerous to others, only dangerous to himself: he has lost the sense of touch, he can’t feel anything, and is eventually shocked to find that when Audrey touches him he can feel her! Audrey, in turn, is immune to the ‘troubles’.

I watched a few episodes of Haven and while the stories of these ‘troubles’ didn’t always grab me, the story of Audrey and Nathan did. And so I have been binge-watching and skipping through 5 seasons of Haven episodes (each season has 13 episodes, 5th season has 26).  In the first series it’s still a bit of a baby-Nathan, the actor Lucas Bryant looks so young!

What attracted me in this first series is how Nathan deals with not being able to feel anything. I love how Lucas acts those Nathan moments when he suddenly realizes he can feel a touch from someone for the first time in years. He first feels something when Audrey gives him a brief kiss on the cheek.

He keeps it to himself at first (he confesses it to her later in the series) and especially in one episode he seeks out these touches (skip the first 1 minute and 15 seconds of this following video if you like, it’s not really essential). I like baby-Nathan in those scenes!

But as the series progresses (and also becomes more weird, especially regarding Audrey) he matures and yes, as the lines deepen a bit in his face, he becomes sexier to look at! Here, some pics of Nathan at the end of the series…

I don’t know what it is about him. He’s a bit too GQ handsome (just like Pierce Brosnan was in younger years) but there’s this boyish, almost shy, charm about him and a bit of goofiness and, of course, hidden heartache and then there are the forehead crinkles and the eyes and the hesitant smiles that light up his face… I think what finally tipped me over the edge into new obsession mode was this little love scene in season 4 that makes me grin widely each time; it happens soon after they have finally been able to become intimate in a previous episode. Nathan wants to kiss her, Audrey keeps on talking ‘troubles’ and he makes use of her ‘troubles’ obsession to persuade her to think of other things…

So, after Haven I re-watched those two Hallmark movies and I liked him even better in those than before. There is Tulips in Spring about an interior designer who must halt her work on a big project in order to return home and assist her injured father at her family’s tulip farm in rural Washington state. When she gets there she meets a handsome and kind flower broker (yep, that’s my Lucas)…

And there is Summer Love about a widowed mom who gets a summer internship at a tech company and draws the attention of two very different executives while learning about accounting, app designs and finding love. Lucas plays the accountant and is of course the true love.

Men who look that smooth aren’t normally my thing, they seem vacuous to me, but as he matures Lucas becomes even more mesmerizing to look at. There is just something about him and it’s not just the looks…  I think it’s in the eyes and in the smile, they seem to suggest something more to me. Here are some more pics, the woman in the one picture is his real life wife, an Australian actress and personal trainer called Kirsty Hinchcliffe who also had a small supporting role as a police officer in later episodes of Haven.

Lucas Bryant is Canadian-American, born in 1978, he and his wife have a daughter born in 2008 (all according to Wikipedia). He is still quite unknown, I think, and there is yet more to research and more roles to find… I’m not sure if he’s more than a temporary infatuation (I may be projecting a wish onto him that he can stop the troubled person who is sitting in the White House now) but I guess time will tell. In the meantime, I am having fun and can happily distract myself when the need arises. 🙂

19 thoughts on “Tall dark handsome men…

  1. My daddy is a tall, handsome man – especially when I was 3 and 2 feet tall and had to look up up up up up to him.

    Of course NOW he’s shorter than I am (rheumatoid arthritis has shortened his frame by 5 and a half inches) but he’s still tall in my eyes.

    Come to think of it, almost all of the men I’ve seriously dated have been tall, dark and mostly handsome.


    Richard tho, has my heart. Nice collection.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I am definitely a Daddy’s Girl. Always. Mom said she could fuss and fuss and fuss at me when I was little and I would just scowl at her. Dad would call at lunch and tell me – Mommy says you’ve not been very good today and would lay the phone down in the floor and cry and cry because Daddy thought I was bad.

        As I have no husband and never will, Richard can have my heart.

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  2. Dein Vater war ein gut aussehender Mann! Meiner war auch nicht ganz so groß aber dark und handsome, hat uns irgendwie geprägt 🙂 Keanu Reeves war allerdings nie meiner…
    Und der neue Lucas ist schon ganz schön kernig ❤ aber ein bisschen jung, obwohl 78er Jahrgang ist gar nicht mehr so jung???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, Mädchen und ihre Väter! 🙂
      Keanu Reeves war auch nicht so mein Ding, aber dann war er mal bei Graham Norton, da fand ich ihn toll! Habe mir dann (fast) alles von ihm angeschaut. Ich mag ihn immer noch, bin aber nicht mehr so verliebt, was bei Richard, Colin und Gregory anders ist. Die 3 liebe ich noch immer vom ganzen Herzen!

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  3. Nice pics. In the line of tall dark handsome men, as a teenager I really liked Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Rock Hudson, and James Garner. Then moved on to Pierce Brosnan. And then for some reason Jeff Goldbloom. Very briefly Bradley Cooper (loved Silver Linings Playbook). But now it’s pretty much Richard.

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  4. Your Lucas definitively rocks the dark jeans, white shirt look!!! 🙂 Needed a while to figure out where I know him from (I saw ‘Shoot the Messenger’) because I haven’t seen Haven….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, he looks very good in a bit of a tight shirt and sexy jeans. 🙂 He looks very nice shirtless as well, by the way. Here’s a dream scene he has on ‘Haven’ which is really quite funny and sexy too! 🙂

      I’ve been watching ‘Shoot the Messenger’ as well. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I like it! No character is all good or all bad. Just people with good and bad choices. In that sense it reminded me a bit of ‘Berlin Station’ but what I like better in this series is that you do know who to root for!

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  6. Great post! Ohh, wasn’t Gregory Peck handsome? I mostly remember him from Spellbound, when he was very young indeed. He was just gorgeous there. And speaking of tall handsome dark-haired men, I am just in love with Hugh Jackman. He is a fine specimen, indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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