Richard and Colin in action

A trailer for Richard Armitage’s Brain on Fire was made available this past week!

No cinema release dates for my end of the woods yet, but it’s a start! There are lovely Richard snippets in the trailer, already immortalized in gifs (source)…

I really hope I can get to see this in a cinema in the not too distant future.

Our Rich has also been tweeting and deleting again. It’s his right, of course, but it gets exhausting to follow… Anyhow, the latest tweet is about the anti-immigration order to the US, which is effectively also an anti-Muslim ban. Yay to Richard for at least leaving this tweet up on his feed (and a pity he deleted the Women’s March one from last week)…


He followed the tweet by two pictures he also shared last year in his tweets about visiting a refugee shelter in Berlin.

Even he can not stay silent in these divisive times filled with hateful rhetoric. He may want to be overly careful with how he utters his opinions (tweeting and deleting), in certain deleted tweets you can sense how passionate he is about the Brexit and Trump policy issues, but I do see that he sides with values I also hold dear. I am very happy to see that. In honesty, if he had been on the other side of this argument, had he been pro Trump and pro this ridiculous immigration ban, it would have been a dealbreaker for me. I can respect differing political views but all these Trump policies are so against my absolute core beliefs! I can agree to disagree on many issues and still love a person but I can not accept when someone is pro discrimination and easily waves away human and civil rights. Thank goodness he is on the right side of the argument for me and I can still love him. 🙂

Colin Firth hasn’t been sitting quietly in a corner either. He was at the Producer’s Guild of America awards where he received an award for the movie Loving that he produced.

I have seen the movie recently and I love the calmness of it and how it is shown that change can come from very normal people in peaceful and patient resistance. It’s the true story of an interracial couple, very fittingly named Richard and Mildred Loving, who challenge their arrest for their marriage in Virginia. This challenge to racial segregation law led to a legal battle that would end at the US Supreme Court.

The movie won a PGA award and Colin, as producer, accepted the award. The awards show started with John Legend slamming Trump’s anti-immigration policy and when Colin was up for the Loving award, he said this:

“I am deeply committed to vacuous entertainment, escapist froth; even a casual glance at my career will tell you that. But I think Stanley Kramer has challenged us, really, to use what we do as an instrument for empathy. I would echo the words we heard at the beginning of this evening — Now more than ever, it is vital to find stories that do that. This is for Mildred and Richard Loving, for the ACLU, for everyone who is fighting for their civil rights, and for everyone who’s families are being separated by the discrimination and violence.”  (source)

If I didn’t already love this man, I’d fall in love with him all over again!

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