An Oscar for Viggo please!

The Oscar nominations have been announced today and there is good news! Well, there is for me anyway….

Some years I have no single actor or movie that I root for but this year is different. This year there is Viggo Mortensen!! He was nominated for best actor for his role in Captain Fantastic (a movie I am very curious about but which I have yet to see).

He is being nominated for all the big awards for this role (he didn’t get the Golden Globe, maybe he will get a Bafta in a few weeks?). He was nominated once before, about a decade ago, for Eastern Promises, a cruel but very good movie. He should have been nominated for his breakthrough role as Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings too. I adored him as Aragorn. I even have a little Aragorn figurine (next to my Thorin Oakenshield one)…


And I have an Aragorn magnet a friend once sent me many years ago (a little weathered but still there)…


Here’s a clip of him at the end of The Lord of the Rings, and yes, that really is him singing at around 1:37 minutes into the video…

Even though I don’t follow Viggo as closely as I did for a while there, I still check in with him once in a while and I am thrilled now that he is nominated for this Oscar! He is up against 4 other good actors (Casey Afleck, Andrew Garfield, Ryan Gosling and Denzel Washington) but I am really rooting for him! He deserves one!


He is not only a good actor but he also comes across as a softspoken, lovely, intelligent and warm person. He is an artist through and through (actor, photographer, painter, poet). I really hope he wins this. Go Viggo!

11 thoughts on “An Oscar for Viggo please!

  1. Violet

    I fully agree with you, Esther. Viggo has done quality work consistently; I’ve been a fan of his work since his first movie role in Witness! The thing that might stop some voters from marking the ballots from him was that he rejected the Academy’s invitation to join their roster after his LOTR’s success. I understood his reason but it still made me sad. Did you watch him on Eastern Promises? That movie broke my heart; I thought there would be a sequel.

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  2. Elanor

    Er ist ein wunderbarer Schauspieler und er versucht als Mensch seinen Überzeugungen treu zu bleiben. Das macht den Umgang mit ihm sicher nicht immer einfach – aus Sicht der Filmindustrie.
    Ich fürchte, dass er den Oscar nicht bekommen wird.
    Für mich wird er immer der perfekte Aragorn bleiben. Ich liebe ihn in dieser Rolle. Als großer Fan der Bücher hatte ich nicht gedacht, dass Peter Jackson jemanden finden könnte, der diese vielschichtige Figur so umfassend verkörpern würde. Viggo hat das geschafft. Er war Argorn.

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  3. Ich finde er ist ein großartiger Schauspieler, schade dass man ihn so selten auf der Leinwand sieht. Ich kenne ihn seit HrR, war für ein beeindruckender Aragorn und sehe seitdem seine Filme. Zu wünschen wäre es ihm 🙂 ich habe auch gelesen dass er ein guter Künstler ist…….

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    1. Es ist schon öfters auf der Leinwand aber meistens in kleinen Filmen, die nicht in den grossen Kinos gedreht werden. Und ja, er macht künstlerisch auch andere Sachen… Er ist ‘low-key’ und ich mag das sehr gerne!

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