A fan video post

In the past few months I have made a few new fan videos. I uploaded the latest today and thought I’d share. The first two videos may only appeal if you actually know the shows they were made for, the last video may have a wider appeal.

In October I made a video for the BBC series Silent Witness; it wasn’t for the more recent series, but for the older ones when Nikki was still working with Harry and Leo and the three of them made the best team. I started making fan videos because of this show and thought I was done because Harry and Leo are no longer there. Then I heard this song and immediately images of Nikki and Harry flooded back again. So, I dusted off the old clips I had once made, and created this video. I still miss Harry and Leo and the magic of these three together so very much… and I still secretly hope that Harry will one day return (sadly Leo will never be able to)!

The second video is for the Australian TV series A Place to Call Home. This past fall series 4 aired which was yet again good and very dramatic. I have made several videos before for this series but this time I made a video with only season 4 clips, illustrating the latest part of the journey for Sarah and George. So, beware of series 4 spoilers if you haven’t seen the latest A Place to Call Home series yet!

And last but not least, a ‘miscellaneous’ project I have had cooking for a while now, ever since I saw this video about President Obama. It is no secret that I have loved the Obamas in the White House and that I will miss them. I have been looking at pictures over the last months, mostly taken by White House photographer Pete Souza, and the images are beautiful, touching, fun and striking. I have been collecting them and all the while two “Don’t go” songs have been swirling around in my head while I look at them. So, I made a 7 minute video with images set to both these songs. In a working democracy it is inevitable that a president leaves, even if he was a very good one in my view, but I will miss the Obamas nonetheless…

I have been sitting on this video for a while (just added the last two images today) because I really don’t want to get into political discussions. It would be pointless, I won’t agree with the opposing view and the opposing view will not agree with me anyhow. However, especially after yesterday’s disastrous inauguration speech by the new president, I do really want to celebrate the Obamas and I am pleased to have now done that with this video.

13 thoughts on “A fan video post

    1. Even on Friday that shone through… the affection between these two feels so real, whereas with the Trumps their good marriage feels staged to me.

      Then again, maybe the Trumps are just less openly affectionate…


      1. Servetus

        There’s another interesting photo making the rounds — apparently when they got to the White House Friday, the Obamas were out there in front waiting. Trump exited the car, but didn’t wait for Melania as would be polite, and just went straight to the Obamas.

        My impression is they have really different marriages. Michelle Obama never wanted to be a political wife, but she had her own substantial career and she had some experience of it, as Obama held office before being elected president. But because she has an independent existence from him she has a lot of power in their relationship — I think she gets a 50 percent say and he’s aware that she’s put up with a lot (and their kids have put up with a lot) so that he could be President. He gives off the vibe that he would be devastated without her and that in turn creates the impression that she has equal say in their relationship.

        Trump, in contrast — well, Melania is #3. I’m sure she’s aware what people say about Marla Maples (Trump’s second wife): “that wasn’t a marriage, it was a lease with option to buy.” He’s the one who has all the power in that relationship; as he said during the campaign, he’s tried to cheat on her (and people being what they are, no doubt he succeeded); and she knows what she needs to do if she wants to keep her job — stay in shape, look pretty, and be quiet except when she’s speaking scripted lines. (The reason she didn’t get more flak for that plagiarized convention speech is that no one on either side believed she really wrote it, despite the Trump campaign’s initial protestations.) I’m not criticizing that; if I am a feminist for any reason it’s so women can make the choices they want to make; but I suspect she knows the deal she’s made and is okay with it. It’s not the deal I’d have made — and I’ve kind of felt sorry for her as she thought she was signing up to be the wife of a second-rate flashy NY real estate mogul and live a materially comfortable life, and now all of a sudden she’s a political wife and more or less unprepared for it. I guess they are planning for Ivanka Trump to take on many of the traditional First Lady tasks, and she seems up to it.

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      2. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire also publicly show that same level of affection for each other. Their Vogue cover from a year ago is an example. http://www.macleans.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/DEC_10_PAYTON_POST01.jpg.
        I think that very real connection shows a level of humanity that is desirable in public office. Our previous prime minister came across in public as very cold, with his family as well (although as you say it may be just being less publicly affectionate). And that seemed to translate into policy.

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  1. Servetus

    On top of everything else the Obamas were, they were extremely photogenic. I felt a little better today watching the demonstrations, but then the new Trump press secretary got onto the TV and lied, blatantly, like he thought no one would notice. It’s going to be a long four years. Hopefully there will be a way found to impeach him before that and the GOP will be disgusted enough with him to get on board.

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    1. The man didn’t lie he presented ‘alternative facts’……I am still speechless about this one and I fear it’ll get a lot worse in the next four years :(((((((
      Wenn es nicht so traurig und furchterregend wäre, könnte man glatt drüber lachen *seufz*

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