Richard Armitage, my distraction…

Trying to distract myself today, but I guess I will end up watching Donald Trump’s inauguration after all – like watching a train wreck you just can’t turn away from… In the meantime, I am distracting myself with Richard Armitage. Servetus is trying to distract herself and us with Richard Armitage funny moments on her blog, so in that vein, I’d really like to share these from a few years ago. I just love giggly Richard Armitage in these (and Martin Freeman is a joy to watch as well!)…

Also, this past week the news emerged that Richard would be playing a role in the new Ocean’s 8 movie. Yay, something new that we might actually get to see! The Dutch print news also briefly reported this casting and one of the most popular entertainment news channels posted this on their enterainment news website… The text is very standard and short but look at the image they chose to go with that!

I mean, really? Couldn’t they do better than posting a picture of Elijah Wood and Lee Pace? If it had to be from that event and with Lee Pace, they could have chosen this one…


Or they could have just typed in “Richard Armitage acteur” in Google image search and would have had some nice and correct choices…


Or if, as a news site, you can’t just pluck any old picture off the internet, they could have done a simple ‘Richard Armitage’ search on the Dutch Getty Images site to get acurate images…


Anyway, I guess it’s clear how well known Richard is in The Netherlands: not well known at all! When I tell people I like Richard Armitage, everyone always says, ‘who?’ And if they haven’t even seen The Hobbit it’s even more difficult to explain… At least a popular gossip rag here did get the image right…

I’m fine with not the whole world knowing him and I’m glad that at least I do! And it’s good too that this magazine, that mostly publishes rubbish, got it right this time.

OK, have I distracted myself enough? T minus how many minutes now till the end of the world? I’ll just keep on smiling and distracting myself… I have job applications to write but can’t concentrate on that right now… I could tidy the house… nah… ooh, wait, I think I will go shopping for new glasses now! I need a a new pair but have been putting off going to the store… Yes, that’s a useful way to spend my time! 🙂

22 thoughts on “Richard Armitage, my distraction…

  1. It’s GuyDay. Just thought I’d mention that.

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  2. I was looking at that picture thinking that really doesn’t look like RA and wondering why he chose those clothes! Lol!

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  3. Dude, find the letter 44 left for you country, print it, and hang on. Hugs from here.


  4. I kept reading those articles too and thinking “huh, what is up here?” (I mean, I read Dutch sort of badly but even so ….).

    Thanks for the link love!

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  5. Interestingly, Armitage seems to be more well-known in the Netherlands than in English-speaking Ireland: no trace of any mention of RA in connection with Ocean’s Eight in Irish news outlets at all. Hmph.
    But well, yes, he is a great distraction. I tried very hard to avoid all the presidential stuff yesterday, but no joy. I share your worries for the future…

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    • I think it’s more about the Ocean’s franchise being known instead of Richard. 😉
      I was not able to avoid it after all, saw the whole inauguration and after that speech my heart sank even further…

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  6. Oh Danke für das Interview! Das war richtig richtig gut. Ein bisschen Humor können wir zur Zeit alle brauchen. Thorin Oakenshield, wenn Gandalf das sagt hört sich das soooo gut an!
    Nach Amerika schaue ich zur Zeitmit einer Art faszinierendem Grauen, mal sehen was da kommen wird :-((((
    Ich habe Bewerbungen schreiben gehasst, irgendwann weiss man nicht mehr was man sich noch aus den Fingern saugen soll, was man besser schreiben kann, damit man vielleicht Erfolg hat, es ist sooo ätzend. Ich muss in einem halben Jahr wieder – befristeter Vertrag 😦
    Ich drücke Dir ganz fest die Daumen, lass Dich nicht unterkriegen, es gibt zum Glück noch die ganz vielen positiven Momente im Leben!
    Was macht der Deutschutnerricht?

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