Doomsday songs pick-me-up

In the news here on Dutch TV this morning: the party of far right leader Geert Wilders (the PVV – ‘Partij Voor de Vrijheid’ which means ‘Freedom Party’ but there’s nothing free about it, in my view) leads the polls. He’s been leading for a few months now and his lead seems to be lessening but still he is leading! We have a multi-party democracy here in The Netherlands where several parties have to form a coalition in order to have a majority to govern. Thank goodness the center right party VVD (which is the largest party now and comes in 2nd in the polls, also one of the current governing parties) has already said there is a 0% chance they will form a coalition with the far right PVV whose main agenda is islamophobia. Even so, I can’t wrap my head around the fact that such a man as Wilders could end up getting the most votes here in our upcoming election in March! Same trend as in the UK with Brexit and in the US with Trump and it is all truly freaking me out! And this coming Friday super-narcissist Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the next US president despite losing the popular vote by almost 3 million votes.


This feeling of danger and doom has me playing all sorts of doomsday songs in my head…

For instance, the song ‘Land of Confusion’ from the mid 1980s by Genesis… I very well remember the videoclip at the time with ‘Spitting Image’ puppets, when we thought Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were questionable…

Or this R.E.M. song that I have always loved and feels more relevant to me than ever… don’t know if I feel fine about it, though…

‘The End’ by The Doors is depressing…

“Bad Moon Rising” by Creedence Clearwater Revival sounds more upbeat but the lyrics certainly reference doomsday. The lyrics can be taken both literally and figuratively…

David Bowie’s ‘Five Years’ springs to mind (here elections are held every 5 years…) about a world going to pieces…

I also think of Chris De Burgh’s song “Spanish Train”, which is this story about the Lord and the Devil playing cards to win people’s souls and the devil keeps on winning… I only like early Chris De Burgh, he had interesting stories to tell before he became too sappy with “The Lady in Red” and the like… (Not at all about doomsday but check out “Patricia the Stripper” for a funny story and clever rhymes).

And there’s Muse, a lot of Muse, that I am thinking of! Like my go-to song from the time I was going through a downsizing crisis at work and this song helped me release my inner frustration… Naturally, I don’t want to literally shoot some leaders down, but figuratively, yes, I can subscribe to that!

“Hard times are ahead […] your time is now to be heard […] your number has been called”, as sung by Muse in ‘Butterflies and Hurricanes’…

“Time is Running Out” springs to mind, even though it is more personal than the other songs I reference here, but the time is running out feeling is relevant to me…

And then there’s the song ‘Panic Station’: “And this chaos it defies imagination […] you’ve arrived at panic station”

I think of the ‘Psycho’ song, from Muse’s last album, about being part of a war machine…

Or the ultimate protest Muse song ‘Uprising’…

The fact that these songs are out there makes me despair a little less and helps me feel a little better. They tell me: “You’re not alone!”, the same words David Bowie uses in his ‘Rock n Roll Suicide’ song, a song I absolutely love. I still get a thrill at the thought that I have seen the actual lyrics written in Bowie’s own handwriting for myself

There is always hope, right?


9 thoughts on “Doomsday songs pick-me-up

  1. there’s no real alternative, I suppose. Fingers crossed.

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  2. For me it will be the song «The Road To Hell» Chris Rea
    Happy new year trotsdem. Yours …

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    • Oooh, that’s another good one, thanks! I’ll just post a link to the video here as well. 🙂

      And that song reminds me of this one – Highway to Hell by AC/DC. Granted about a personal journey into hell, but a journey to hell nonetheless…

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      • 😉 Thank you!
        In my youth, it was only music to drive for miles, but the day I looked at the lyrics, a new dimension appeared to me.
        – Chris Rea’s song “Looking For A Rainbow” said: “We come down to the valley; We ain’t far away no more, You can’t leave us dying this time, ‘Cos we’re all around your door”
        – CR”s song “Looking For The Summer” said: “And still I stand this very day, With a burning wish to fly away, I’m still looking, looking for the summer,
        – Chris Rea was interviewed by John Pidgeon: “Nothing to fear is a song about a European guy welcoming Muslims, and the gist of the story is that if you show us we have nothing to fear, you know, there’s gonna be no problem. And it’s asking them to show a sign of peace. It’s one of those songs that can get me in trouble sometimes, in the wrong context because I like to do double meanings and things like that, I was always a great poetry fan. And, then song also applies to a man and a woman, or any relationship, in it’s beginning, and it’s basically saying, you know, you’ve got to show each other that there’s nothing to fear”
        – To go to bed or to think about our loved ones: “Tell Me There’s A Heaven”.
        Good night or day!

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  3. Quite a playlist! The only song I recall was the REM one “It’s the end of the world…”–because it was in the original “Independence Day” film when they first heard the alien’s signal. Ha!

    However, I have to hope that the U.S. government has enough checks and balances in it–despite the Republican party having controlling majorities in the House and Senate–to stave off a trump-ageddon. *gulp*

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