Weihnachtsmarkt in Bremen

So, this past weekend two friends, my husband and I went to the northern German city of Bremen to visit the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) there. Every self-respecing city in Germany has a Christmas market that lasts the month of December up until Christmas, Bremen has one too. We arrived there at close to 1 pm (the drive there was a little longer than I thought it would be) and started with a lunch. We then went on to stroll around the markets and to discover a bit of the city. It was crowded, with market stalls and lots of people there, and it was lovely.

We saw the Bremen Town musicians statue…

… and the market is situated in squares surrounded by old buildings…

… we really liked the huge early 15th century Roland statue


… and we walked through the small Böttcherstrasse (and the little street leading to that) which has small shops and galleries and just looks pretty; we even stopped for a drink there in a café…

…  and the city hall looked very nice after dark, with the market in front of it…


We walked by the river which had a lovely arts & crafts market, but it was too dark and crowded to take any good pictures there. We ended with dinner at a Mexican restaurant to round the day off (my husband took this picture that we texted to our kids by way of greeting)…


…before heading back on our 2 hour 45 minute drive back to my family’s holiday cottage in the north of The Netherlands. The weekend was fun and we want to see more of Bremen one day when it is less crowded. Guylty, thanks for your sightseeing tips for your hometown! We would never have thought to walk through the Böttcherstrasse if it hadn’t been for you.  I love discovering new places, especially when you get little insider-tips like that. 🙂

Oh, and we had a marvelous time singing along to my German songs cd that I mentioned in my previous post. My husband survived, and dare I say it, he was even amused by our vocal talents. My one friend and I have decided to become the sing-along “Du Band”and we need a repertoire. We are rising to the challenge to fill a cd with songs that have the word “Du”(“you”) in the title, as we are so good at yelling along to the two “Du” songs we know:  Ich bin wie Du by Marianne Rosenberg and Du by Peter Maffay! If you have any other Du-songs suggestions, feel free to let me know. We are not adverse to adding English-language songs, we have already picked one: De doo doo do by The Police…

Any other suggestions are more than welcome. Who knows, you may even see us audition for The Voice one day, as the sing-along Du Band! 😉

10 thoughts on “Weihnachtsmarkt in Bremen

  1. oh, getting all wistful here. Lovely, lovely Bremen. How I love that square, especially at Christmas time. I am glad you got to see Böttcherstraße, and I hope you get back there one day. I’ll supply more tips then 🙂
    Unfortunately no suggestions for songs with “du” – but I like the idea!!!

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  2. Kennst Du ‘Tausend Mal Du’ von der Münchner Freiheit?

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    • Oh mann, ja, den kenne ich! Habe aber die Erinnerung daran verdrängt, denn es ist ein ziemlich schreckliches Lied… Very eighties und sehr schnulzig… geht aber auf meiner Liste. Danke! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Wow, how charming! Sounds like a fun outing, and thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. =)

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  4. What a wonderful Christmas pre-break! Perfect to get into holiday spirit! really warming 🙂

    On the Du songs the only one i know is Wien, Wien nur du allein, hier bei der wonderful Fritz Wunderlich
    🙂 I love the city and the song 🙂


  5. Oh da sied ihr aber diesmal weit gefahren! Und die Fotos sehen sehr weihnachtlich und schön aus. Eine wunderbare Stadt 🙂 Hast Du denn inzwischen alle Geschenke? Ich bin noch keinen Schritt weiter *leichtinpanikverfall*


  6. To be is to do (Kant)
    To do is to be (Nietzsche)
    To be or not to be (Hamlet)
    Do be do be do (Sinatra)

    [old joke, makes me laugh every time]

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