Esther under cover

I haven’t seen Berlin Station episode 7 yet, but I did see this tweet from Richard Armitage about that episode…


… and it made me think of this picture taken 4 years ago when I was sick. I was on our couch and literally under cover and my cat at the time (still very sadly missed!) was keeping fearless watch over me, despite my cough…


I wonder whether Richard was spying through our living room window at the time (would not be his first spy-gig!) and is secretly also referencing this… 😉


11 thoughts on “Esther under cover

  1. he totally was 🙂

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  2. *Lol*
    What a cute pic, thanks for sharing!!!

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  3. Hehe, he’s really good at that. All those spy roles have bled over into RL. Hope you had nice dreams under that cover…

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  4. oh, total duvet time and the natural cat warmer. such a cutie… i really understand you missing her.. and yes sometimes i suspect the guys stalks at least our thoughts!

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    • Yep on the stalking! 🙂
      The only downside to that cat was that she always shed a lot of white hair – not good when you wear black a lot and are on your way to work…. but yeah, other than that I adored her and she loved lying on me. Natural cat warmer describes her perfectly. 🙂

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