I don’t want to let you go…

I came across this cartoon by David Sipress from ‘The New Yorker’ which pretty much exactly states how I feel about the news nowadays…


And then I came across this video, which also exactly expresses my sentiments; I know his time is almost up but I don’t want Barack Obama to go…

The world is a-changing and I wish I could feel better about it.

15 thoughts on “I don’t want to let you go…

      1. Hehehe.

        Under Barry’s reign, we’ve got scandals galore, he reduced our military at a time Communist regimes were amping theirs, turned us into a rug, elongated and worsened a horrendous economic downswing. We have a record number of people on food stamps, the fewest number of able working adults working. I was unemployed for 5 years in his 8, a job hunt made harder due to his policies. The cost of my health insurance jumped from 1.9% of my income to come January, 16.7% of my income – and I’m making the same amount of money today as I was in 2010. My sister’s health insurance went up to equivalent of her house payment and she had a choice to purchase the health insurance or lose her home. She’s now living in a crappy apartment. Funny, the 5 years I had no insurance, I found AFFORDABLE health care at little to no cost, including my very expensive diabetes and asthma meds. Fast and Furious, comes to mind, an outrageous and horrific ‘agreement’ allowing a terrorist nation rearm itself, lying to the American public about Benghazi, the racial divide made huge thanks to the constant hammering at the crack. Jobless rates up, anger up, poverty up. The misery index, up.

        I could go on and on and on.but I won’t. I know many people like him and think he did a wonderful bang up job. I’m one of the many who don’t, who have been harmed by his policies. I’m not rich, not by a loooooong shot. But he has wiped out much of the middle class, which is the backbone of a free society.

        Nope. Not going to shed a single tear.

        Now, I promise to be nice and not politically stomp, rant or rage here in your garden anymore. It’s Thanksgiving and I’m heading home to the family compound and abode, where my mother reigns supreme…. I’m thankful for what I have – including good friends who can disagree with me and vice versa and it’s okay. Cheesecake?


        1. No, I didn’t mean for this to become a political battleground here either! However, I do want to give my 2 cents, to counterbalance what you have said so that it is clear why I personally love Obama!

          For one, I do love that he has introduced Obamacare and therefore has made health insurance possible for people who couldn’t have it before. I don’t live in the US, I don’t know the intricacies and I am sure it can be improved upon, but the idea that he wants to give everyone a chance at health insurance (no matter what pre-existing conditions or other issues there are, your insurance is guaranteed) – it feels to me like he enabled a basic human right! Maybe it’s a European thing to think this is so important.
          About scaling down the military – I am all for that! I want people to try and solve crises through diplomacy instead of war. Not always possible, so a military will sadly stay necessary, but it is something I feel he has strived for. He ended the war in Iraq and is scaling down in Afghanistan. Yay! He has reversed torture policies that were sanctioned under Bush, wish he had been able to close Guantanamo too.
          Jobs – I understand that under his ‘reign’ unemployment is at the lowest median rate since 1948. It rose when he came into office, in my view due to consequences of the previous administration, but he has brought it right down again in record speed. He has enlived the auto industry, manufacturing jobs have risen.
          Environment – he has spearheaded clean energy.
          And extremely importantly – he has improved America’s image abroad! Under George W. Bush the rhetoric was very black and white, he felt like a warmongering, bumbling, ignorant cowboy to me. I truly believe that that rhetoric made relations that were already bad in the world even worse and Obama changed all that or has tried to. He brought intelligence, he knows his stuff and knows what he is talking about, he is all about diversity and respect for all people and working together. I just love love love how he reached out to the Islamic world when he started his presidency, condeming extremism of all kinds but reaching out to people of good will to work together, I remember it making me cry at the time. A peacemaker, in my eyes, and that scores extremely highly for me. He couldn’t stamp out extremism (Islamic or extremism in the US – and yes, I think Trump is an extremist), I don’t think anyone can, but he reached out to people of good will from all backgrounds and faiths to try and make a better world. Obama is not perfect, but in essence he is a “Mensch” and I love people like that. Yes, I am going to miss him so very much in the White House!

          Ok, that was my rant… Differences aside, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving! And I’d just love some cheesecake, at least we can agree on that. 🙂 Cheesecake may just be my favourite kind of cake in the world.

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  1. He was a really decent human being which sadly seems to be a rarity among politicians… He will be missed internationally a lot. I hope this worrying trend internationally will not be a long term one… Recent budget news here have been grim as well 😦

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  2. Loved the cartoon–and its sentiments were right on! And yet, I still do my twice daily news schmooze. Am I spelling that right? Ha!

    But seriously, I hope that basic human rights and dignity will be preserved. However I fear that the animosity and threats to decency that were so viciously present in the presidential campaign will be given free reign. But here’s the thing. “Freedom” is not something to be used against someone else, it is to be used collectively for the common good of everyone, not a select few–we are stronger together. Hugs!

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    1. Yes, I still do the daily news-schmooze (love the term!) myself, but I don’t marathon news quite as much now… for my sanity…
      I have the same hope for human rights and diginity being upheld. Fingers crossed.

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  3. According to FactCheck.org:
    Since President Barack Obama first took office:
    The economy has added nearly 10.7 million jobs.
    Median household income has gone up $1,140, or 2 percent.
    The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.2 percent.
    Median sales prices of existing single-family homes are up 23 percent.
    The unemployment rate has dropped well below the historical norm; job openings are at a 15-year high.
    Corporate profits and stock prices have both soared to record highs.
    The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 16.5 million.
    The murder rate is down nearly 5 percent, despite an increase in 2015.
    The number of unauthorized immigrants estimated to be living in the U.S. is down, according to demographers.
    Wind and solar power have quadrupled; coal production has dropped 36 percent; carbon emissions have gone down 12 percent.
    However, the poverty rate is still 0.3 percentage points higher, and the number of Americans on food stamps is up nearly 36 percent.
    Federal debt has more than doubled, and annual federal deficits, after shrinking, are again on the rise.
    The home ownership rate has dropped to the lowest point in more than 50 years.
    Handgun production has more than doubled.
    (Me again): All the good things happened while he was battling a hostile Congress who did their best to sabotage every one of his plans. A mixed record? Yes, but a record of achievement and inspiration. President Obama is a man of great intelligence, integrity and dignity, and I will miss him. He also has a great sense of humor 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Linnet. All records at the end of a presidential term will be mixed but I agree with you that it’s a record of inspiration! Yes, I too will miss Obama’s intelligence, integrity dignity and humanity in the White House…

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