Imagined conversations

If you like Trump and don’t like Obama and Biden, you’d better stop reading now…

I am still trying to come to terms with the US presidential election result and came across this meme that is all over the internet now: Joe Biden and Barack Obama having imagined conversations where Biden plans pranks to play on Donald Trump. Childish? Spiteful? Maybe… but these really made me laugh and that is an extremely rare thing for me when it comes to this election! The election result is what it is and I respect that but I still hate it. So, a little humour must step in to help me deal. Here goes, my fave Biden-Obama imagined conversations that I have come across so far…













Just looking at the pictures of these two men makes me realise that I am really going to miss them in the White House… and I dread the Trump presidency so very much! Sigh…

(OK, for now I’m done blogging about the US election).

26 thoughts on “Imagined conversations

  1. Servetus

    I think we have to joke while we can, given how vociferously Trump has stated his intention to restrict freedom of speech / freedom of the press. Whether he can or not is another question but it’s going to be a rough few years while he tries.

    However, this was another “not really a joking day” overall. Half my newsfeed is reeling over the decision to give Steve Bannon a post in the administration (white supremacist) and the other half is dealing with Trump’s announcement last night that he will attempt to deport 3 million people starting his first day in office. Then there are the women who are rushing to get IUDs before they are made illegal.

    I dunno, so maybe more reason to joke … to blow off some stress.

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  2. I giggle a lot at these, firstly because I’ve always liked Biden and think of him as a happy soul at his core, and secondly as a form of gallows humor. I need a release and it is either giggle at these or cry at my desk. Going with the giggles today because I have to call and get on the volunteer list for the Democratic Committee in my county.

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  3. Violet

    My back has been feeling like a gigantic muscle spasm since the night he won. The only thing that is keeping me from having a nervous breakdown is my faith in Jesus Christ, and in my fellow American Citizens who refuse to stay quiet. Still, I am afraid for myself and the many millions of people whose lives are in literal danger due to that man’s unhinged mind (not to mention his running mate’s). All minorities are in danger, as well as women, poor people, and anyone who publicly denounced him. Do you remember that movie ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’? Our two ‘leaders’ remind me of the controlling husband who drove the protagonist to fake her death in order to escape him! I have cried until my tears have run out – and then I’ve simply sobbed. I cannot sleep at night. I have never been a negative person who lives in fear; that has changed now. He and his Russian BFF – not to mention the KKK – will have a field day in January. Will this world survive that man’s first 100 days? I feel like we’ve been tied to the train tracks and the speed train is coming our way. The scariest thing is that hate has found its voice and it’s a very loud one. If the clown triggers WWIII, it will decimate this planet. Freedom and Peace are weeping…

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      1. Servetus

        So — this story was reported by CNN and CBS, and then a Trump official denied it — from which I conclude that they tried it, were advised it wouldn’t fly, and then decided to deny it had ever happened. CNN and CBS are pretty reliable sources.

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    1. Violet

      He did?! O_O Now I wish I owned one of those gigantic underground bunkers the Federal Government decommissioned and sold in the past few years! What are we going to do?!


      1. Servetus

        I think the solution may be to get the training to operate the nuclear missiles and move into a missile shelter. They seem to be pretty well hidden and insulated. More seriously, however — I have no idea. Really no idea. I keep telling myself to take deep breaths — and I keep asking myself how much civil courage I really have, because I think it is going to be demanded soon.

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  4. Amy

    Thanks Es. These are priceless. I love these men – so sad that they’ll be leaving office and so frightened and depressed about our future. Every day are new revelations that are worse than the day before.

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    1. Welcome. 🙂
      Wish I felt more like smiling, though… Nothing Trump has done so far since this election has reassured me in any way… Try to keep smiling and to keep fighting against everything Trump stands for, I guess…


  5. it made me smile… and isn’t that a presidency to remember where the people are such that we can make such nice jokes about them 🙂 While the darkness is upon us we must remember the light and find our way back to it! And given how turbulent Europe is we probably all should soldier our courage and be prepared to act..

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    1. Yes, yes and yes!! I am going to miss these two men in the White House!!
      I am also dreading the Dutch elections coming up in March here and the far right that wants to win and is doing well in polls…. feels like the world is going to hell in a handbasket very quickly…


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