Yesterday I went to see a sci-fi movie called Arrival with Amy Adams in the main role. I didn’t know much about it, except that it was supposed to be different… and it was! I was blown away by it, it was an absolutely fascinating watch.


The movie is about a linguistics professor who is asked to decipher the language of aliens that have arrived in 12 pods all over the world. As she begins to learn their language her perception of reality changes. You’d think an alien sci-fi movie would be fast paced, full of explosions and action and while there is a very little bit of that and that is also featured in the trailer…

… the movie itself is nothing like that! It is slow-paced and thoughtful and really highlights how our perception of reality is coloured by our use of language.

I was just reading a review about the movie that explains all this in more depth: “Arrival is a stunning science fiction movie with deep implications for today”. The author says, ” […] it makes a strong case that communication, not battle or combat, is the only way to avoid destroying ourselves. Communication means not just wrapping our heads around terms we use but the actual framework through which we perceive reality”. In these times, when there is so much fear for the future (at least there is with me with the Brexit vote and now Donald Trump becoming the next US president), I hope frameworks can be redefined and that we can come together from such differing viewpoints through communication and cooperation instead of recrimination and hate…  I know it’s utopian, but one can hope and dream… Can we redraw our own frameworks? And when we do, will the future look a little brighter and will we be able to cooperate better? I truly hope so…

Yes, this movie has struck a chord with me, more so in light of the divisive times we live in. I don’t want to say much more about it, I don’t want to give anything away. This is a story that you just need to slowly see unfold before you. Some people sitting behind us during the movie seemed confused after they watched it… and yes, it really is a little confusing, but in a very good way! Also, yet again Amy Adams shows what a great actress she is. Really, I can only highly recommend this. I love movies that make me think and this one certainly made me think.  I need to go see it again sometime…

10 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Servetus

    I think the problem is that certain frameworks are not compatible. I appreciate the possibility that conversations might be possible between people of different political convictions, but (for example) I don’t think xenophobia is a political conviction. it’s not something that can be negotiated. It is a framework for reality, but it is not a desirable one. Similarly, it’s hard to see how we can have open political conversations with people who want to censor free speech. The terms are so incompatible that they don’t fit together. They are not bridgeable.

    This movie is on my “eventually” list now — thanks for recommending it!


    1. Yeah, I have been thinking of difficulties like that, hence my comment that it is probably utopian… The framework would have to be something so different, something we can’t even imagine now, that could bring us together… but how that could be achieved and what that could even be… yeah, I don’t see it yet either… would love for it to happen, though! I’ll keep on thinking. Who knows, maybe one day I will eventually come up with an idea that saves the world. 😉

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  2. Elanor

    Vor Kurzem habe ich Amy Adams in der Graham Norten Show erlebt. Sie war dort, um für eben diesen Film zu werben. Ich war von ihr und von dem Trailer sehr beeindruckt. Leider ist es zur Zeit nicht einfach für mich, ins Kino zu kommen (Familie), aber diesen Film würde ich zu gerne sehen.

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    1. Diese Graham Norton Show muss ich mir mal reinziehen… Habe ein par Mal welche verpasst, weil ich Freitag abends weg war.
      Tut mir Leid, dass das Kino besuchen für Dich jetzt schwer ist, hoffentlich geht es bald irgendwann einfacher!


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