Black black Wednesday!

Some 5 months ago, I was extremely upset over the Brexit vote. This morning I wake up to the news that it looks like Donald Trump will be the new president of the US! What I was terrified of looks to be happening now… Yet again the ‘silent vote’ makes the difference, just like I have been fearing for months. I can not wrap my head around this… fear, egotism, a “wish to make American great again” (populist crap to me!) and bigotry triumph yet again! For me, it feels like the US has finally broken…


I don’t mean to be disrespectful to Republican voters or to any Americans, but this election is not just about the US, it effects the whole world and I feel I have a right to express my extreme disappointment at the outcome of this election, should Trump really become president. Just like back in June after Brexit I am very scared, very fearful for the future and also the effect these two votes will have on the elections coming up in my own country next year.

I am shutting off the TV now, I’m too upset, and I’m hoping that when I check in again later the last votes will be in and a miracle will have happened and Hillary Clinton will be president after all…

ETA:  There is no miracle… Donald Trump has just been confirmed as the new president of the US… Let the freak out commence…

34 thoughts on “Black black Wednesday!

  1. Sadly, no miracle only bleak reality 😦


  2. So many things happened in 2016, for me this is one of the worst. You’re right, this doesn’t just affect the USA but the whole world. Makes me afraid for 2017.


  3. I feel exactly the same, went to bed at 2am when the swing state counting made me feel very uneasy. But i’d been worried for a long time when during the conventions and beyond a lot of BBC news people went around the various states talking to people. The kind of lies and prejudice people seemed to actually take for the truth was shocking and a very stark wake up call. But there are clearly those you failed to see the importance of the vote and refused to make a decision. And this is the consequence.

    I feel very fearful. Brexit was bad news and this is even worse. My grandfather went to war to prevent fascists from taking over the world. And i lived through a communist dictatorship 😦 I can’t believe people go for this populist dangerous stuff again and again and again. We never learn 😦 And with this kind of leaders the whole world just became a much unsafer place.

    But for me the bigger questions is: why are we racist? We do we hate all that is foreign? Why does some misguided sense of ‘greatness/nationalism’ override common sense and humanity and compassion again and again and again? How do we fix that?

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  4. As an American, like many other Americans, I am sad and seriously frightened. I’m dreading what will happen to my country and to the world. Republicans may think it an exaggeration, but apparently they have lost all common sense.

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  5. The people have spoken, just like with Brexit. The PEOPLE are tired of big government and politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama who spend all their political time thinking not about how to serve the People, but how to rule them. Our forefathers left their respective countries in search of a new life to escape monarchs and dictators. They wrote the U.S. Constitution in a very specific manner to ensure limited government and that it would always be of the People, by the People, and for the People. Politicians seem to have forgotten what their role is. As a reminder: Their role is simple: serve the people and uphold the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is the ONLY constitution in the WORLD that contains a BILL OF RIGHTS specifically FOR THE PEOPLE. It is NOT a living document. It is NOT up for INTERPRETATION. It is written plainly in language even the meekest of citizens can understand. And, elected LEADERS are SWORN TO AN OATH TO UPHOLD IT. By using Executive Order to push forward his “legacy” agenda against the will of the PEOPLE, Barack Obama broke his oath. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton breached National Security, lied about it, was possibly responsible for the deaths of at least 7 people, lied about it again, and then shrugged her shoulders and told us all it didn’t matter. And that’s just the leaflet version. I won’t get started on the terrorist nations who contributed to her Foundation and by way of, her campaign. Or the millions of ransom dollars sent to Iran. The PEOPLE are tired of these types of shady dealings and shenanigans and they’re tired of seeing their RIGHTS stifled. The appeal for Trump is that he isn’t a politician. And he’s a brilliant businessman who has the knowledge and ability to put America back on the forward course of industry, to bring back jobs to our country, to help the PEOPLE recover from the last 28 years of idiotic and corrupt politics. He has a solid understanding of the U.S. Constitution and I believe he will uphold it.

    America is NOT broken, but it has suffered bumps and bruises at the hands of corrupt politicians like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. America is about to HEAL.


    • And what would your forefathers who flet their countries and immigrated to America would say about the racist, bigoted, women hating demagogue Mr. Trump I wonder…

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      • I think they’d first ask you to cite the case for such titles regarding actual actions rather than talk. Even Obama wrote in his many books that he’d side with Muslims and African Americans above all others. That makes Obama bigoted and racist by your standard, and it seems you have no issue with him.

        Muslims hate and mistreat women. Siding with them above others must indicate an adoption of their ideals, so I think you’ve got the wrong guy. Trump doesn’t hate women. That’s a stretch of a poor imagination.


        • See, this is what scares me: “Muslims hate and mistreat women”! Do you know any muslims? I do and the ones I know do not mistreat and hate women! Sure, there are enough who do, but there is no way this can be generalized in such a way! Sure, women may be ‘second class’ in some countries and some communities, but can you really contest that that is not the case in our Western world for Western women as well? It’s not that long ago that women in the Western World weren’t even allowed to vote…
          Sure, Trump loves women – he’s married a few, after all. But the comments he has made about women that do not conform to his ‘beauty standard’ or that are only good for ‘grabbing by the you-know-what’ don’t really speak to his respecting women that much. He is no better than any extremist Muslim when he says stuff like that…
          And feeling for ‘your own’ is not what I have an issue with, I think that’s natural and fine. It’s when you put yourself above others and want to exclude others, that is what upsets me!

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          • Why not? You’re generalizing. Disrespect at times versus hate. Hmmm. I think you just blew a hole in your own argument.

            Feeling for your own is not what Obama did, he expounded sides and as commander in chief that meant he wasn’t serious about representing all people or acting for the benefit of all. He put himself and his beliefs above the people proven by his use of executive orders against the will of the people. He put himself above others. He excluded. So be upset all you want. Your shiny penny isn’t as shiny as you thought whether you want to admit it or not!

            Realize this: the president who upholds the constitution represents all the people fairly and equally. Period.


            • Did I do something to offend you personally? You say “Disrespect at times versus hate” and I wonder are you talking about me or about Obama? I do not mean any disrespect and I do not hate you!

              In any case, I can not agree with you on Obama! I think there is no way he can be seen as racist or a demagogue. He is more open to opposing views than I believe Donald Trump will ever be!
              Do I have respect for Donald Trump? In honesty, by what I have seen and heard from him, I don’t respect him that much. I respect his right to his opinions and I respect that he can appeal to so many people through stirring up their fears. and I can respect that he has been elected fair and square but I can never respect all the ideas he has thrown out there during this election. Those ideas completely oppose mine.

              Also, I do not quite follow what you mean by me blowing a hole in my own reasoning and I do not know what you mean about my shiny penny. I am sorry I have pissed you off, I don’t mean to. Just because I truly do not like Trump’s politics doesn’t mean I am attacking you! You are pro-Trump and that is your right, there is nothing wrong with that. You come on here professing why Trump is wonderful and that I can respect and, yes, I even find interesting. But please excuse me for professing on my own blog why I do not think he is wonderful! Please let’s not veer off into personal attacks here, I think the presidential candidates have done that more than enough now, don’t you?

              We will never ever agree on this, and that is fine too. I am happy for you that your candidate won and I hope he will create the country for you that you want to live in. It could just never be a country I would want to live in… and that’s fine, I don’t live there. However, what happens in the US affects the whole world and that is the reason why I too am emotional about this election result.

              Let’s agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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              • I didn’t attack you. At least I didn’t mean to, if I did. You haven’t offended me. In fact, I thought we were debating. You of course may profess whatever you want on your blog. I respect your opinion. I agree to disagree with all due respect and I’m sorry I upset you.

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              • Heck no, I didn’t initially feel attacked, but then you said something about disrespect and hate, which I was confused about (was that about Obama or about me?) and when you said, “So be upset all you want. Your shiny penny isn’t as shiny as you thought whether you want to admit it or not!” – I figured you were angry and that I had said something to offend YOU. It did sound like you were lashing out, but that may be my misinterpretation. It’s hard to know when you only read this and don’t see the person opposite you.
                It’s good we respectfully agree to disagree.

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        • I have seen no action in the last eight years that qualifies Obama to be a racist, a bigot or a demagogue so it seems that we two have very different definitions of these words.
          Trump has now four years to prove to me and all the other people who are afraid right now that all horrible things he’d said in the past were only talk and that mankind won’t live to see another elected country leader setting the whole world on fire!!!!!

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    • First of all thank you for your reaction, it was interesting to read but I can not agree with any of it.

      I fail to see how a man who wants to introduce religious discrimination is serving the people, I fail to see how someone who wants to limit free speech and opposes the freedom of the press serves the people, I fail to see how someone who is a bully and puts down women, hispanics and LBGT people serves the people, I fail to see how someone who does not pay his taxes (that are supposed to benefit people) serves the people, I fail to see how someone who values the life of the unborn child more than the lives of the living serves the people, I fail to see how someone who has lost millions in shady business dealings serves the people. I do not see him as a brilliant business man, I see him as a ruthless business man with very little conscience. Hillary is no angel, but I truly believe Trump is more corrupt and shady than she ever may have seemed to be. I do not believe he will be less shady once he is in office than any current politician may be now. And I also fail to see how someone who wants to work with totalitarian leaders of other states serves the people.

      I know the argument is that the people voted for him and that is true and the result, in a democracy, needs to be respected. I will and can respect that because I believe in democracy, unlike Donald Trump! I just can not fathom that so very many people would vote for someone who mocks democracy in such a blatant way…

      To be crude, I can not help but compare this to Nazi Germany! The people voted for Hitler as well, and how well did that turn out? In all of Trump’s rhetoric, insert the word “jews’ where he uses the word “muslims” and this is Hitler all over again! Hitler wanted to “make Germany great again”. Hitler wanted to control the press, Hitler wanted to throw his opponents in jail… Sound familiar? “The people” seem to be caught in some sort of hysteria, because of economic problems and extremist hostility. Yet voting for someone who wants to fortify and build walls and exclude people and limit freedom has never worked in the long run, why would it now? In this election fear and hatred have trumped humanity and it makes me inexpressibly sad that that is the direction the majority of the people have taken. The people have apparently wished for this and the people now make me afraid! For me it really feels like America has broken itself… and that humanity will never learn its lesson.

      Donald Trump is not a politician, that may be the only thing I can think of that he might have going for him and nothing else. He is an entitled prig and will now be the ‘leader of the free world’ who wants to limit freedom and exclude people… I do not see how that serves the people. I am afraid, not only for the people of the US but for people of the world! America to me is in danger of becoming the land of the un-free… I am going to miss Barack Obama so very very much!

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    • I don’t mean to belabor our differences but on re-reading the comments here I do feel the need to add that the USA is not the ONLY country in the world that has a bill of rights protecting its people. We in The Netherlands have a constitution with a bill of rights as well…. our current constitution dates from 1815 and has been amended several times, most recently in 1983 (which is no simple feat… it is extremely difficult to change the constitution).
      The first precursor to our constitution dates from 1579. In fact, Wikipedia even says: “The constitution was empowered by the Union of Utrecht, thus by treaty. Article XIII of the treaty granted each inhabitant of the Republic freedom of conscience. The Union of Utrecht treaty inspired the American Articles of Confederation.” The Articles of Confederation, as you may know, was the precursor to the current American constitution… (

      The United States is not the only country in the world that is democratic, free and protects the basic and fundamental rights of its people. There are many many other (European) countries that also have such constitutions with bills of rights. My country (The Netherlands) has a king but the king has mostly a ceremonial role, he has no say whatsoever in how our country is run. Our government is solely determined by the people of this country, we have our next elections coming up here next year. Our leaders too must swear an oath when they take office. And over here when a party wins the popular vote, they are also the ones who may rule and form the government. So, I just wanted to share this: there are many great and free and democratic countries out there besides America with great constitutions…

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  6. Barack Obama was elected.. twice… that was the will of the people and they elected him because of his personality and because of his policies.

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  7. I have hope that we will see brighter days. Everyone has the right to disagree. I never asked or expected anyone to agree anyway. But I do think that Mr. Trump will surprise you and he’ll show you that he’s not the horrible person the liberal media and democrats tried to make him out to be. Give him a chance.


    • I truly hope so! I will give you that his first speech seemed somehwat conciliatory. Because if he really does all he has said he would do during this election, then the coming 4 years will be extremely depressing for me….


  8. I don’t know what to say. I’ve typed three comments and erased them. What a disaster for the United States, what a disaster for the world.

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  9. It’s really a disaster.
    Das wird Auswirkungen auch auf die kommenden Wahlen bei uns haben. Es zeigt sich, dass man mit extremem Populismus großen Erfolg haben kann. Fakten und rationale Argumente zählen nicht mehr. Spricht man hier mit AfD Wählern, so kann keiner so recht sagen, welche konkreten Ziele er mit der Wahlentscheidung verfolgte. Es ging nur darum, es “denen da oben” mal so richtig zu zeigen. Jetzt müssen wir mit diesen Abgeordneten leben, die im Landtag sitzen, ohne konstruktiv zu arbeiten.
    Wohin wird Trump sein Land führen? Welche außenpolitischen Auswirkungen wird er haben?
    Unser Außenminister stellt sich auf schwierige Zeiten ein. Ich habe ihn noch nie so “undiplomatisch” erlebt, obwohl er ein großes Interesse an einem guten Verhältnis zu den USA hat.
    Das alles trägt nicht zu meiner Beruhigung bei. Die Voraussage, dass die Realpolitik Trumps Temperament schon einfangen wird, steht auch auf wackeligen Füßen. Er hat ja so gut wie keine politische Erfahrung. Ich glaube nicht, dass die Welt geduldig warten wird, bis er weiß, wie er sich verhalten sollte.

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    • Das wird auch Auswirkungen auf die nächsten Wahlen hier in den Niederlanden haben! Wird haben Wahlen nächstes Jahr im März und die Populisten melden sich schon (der schreckliche Geert Wilders geht allen voran)!
      Ich bin Mal gespannt was das alles mit Trump so bringen wird… hoffentlich endet es nicht in einem Dritten Weltkrieg…

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  10. 💔


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