I’ve been Gilmored!

I used to love watching Gilmore Girls (which ran from 2000 to 2007) and there has been talk and the consequent filming of a Gilmore Girls revival that will air on Netfix at the end of November. There will be 4 episodes, 90 minutes each, and each episode is set during a season (winter, spring, summer, fall). We’ll get a year in the life of the Gilmores and of Stars Hollow, the town they live in!

I was very excited about this but hadn’t actually watched the show in years and years. I thought I’d take a quick peek at the last season (no. 7) to remind myself of how it ended and found myself hooked yet again. So, I have been binge-watching the Gilmore Girls – I have been watching whole episodes and bits of episodes every free second I had. Reading blogs and trying to keep up a bit with my Twitter feed and even Richard Armitage have been on a back burner because of all this – I have been living, breathing, dreaming the Gilmore girls… and it’s still at least as good as I remembered! This makes me even more excited for the upcoming revival! Here’s the trailer:

I am extremely thrilled that Lorelei and Luke still seem to be together!

And Rory comes to Stars Hollow for visits – I am so curious to know what she is doing now! Did she become the kickass journalist she wanted to become? Her ex-boyfriends Dean, Jess and Logan will also return, what are their roles? If I were a religious person I’d be praying that at the very least she does not end up with Dean again…

So, Rory and Lorelei still go to Luke’s Diner, which is excellent.


And Luke still tolerates their antics…


And there is still girl talk at the kitchen table…


And there are still town meetings with all those colourful Stars Hollow inhabitants…


And Lorelei’s Dragonfly Inn is still running with Sookie and Michel…(I love Sookie and Michel!)

Friday night dinners with Emily Gilmore are still there, although Richard will be very dearly missed – by me but also by the characters in the show, going by the huge portrait that is featured in a scene. And what on earth Stars Hollow weirdo townsman Kirk is doing at a Friday night Gilmore dinner has me extremely curious… this can only be priceless!

I also saw glimpses of Rory’s friend Paris who looks like a career woman and Lane is still rocking as a drummer!

Oh gosh, yes, I am so stoked for this! Just a few more weeks to go, let the countdown begin… 22 days…


17 thoughts on “I’ve been Gilmored!

  1. Habe ich noch nie gesehen 😦 Schade….. aber alles geht einfach nicht!

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  2. Yeeeeeeaaaaah, I look forward to that!!!! I love them and I would like to see Rori back with Jess 🙂

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  3. Danke für diese höchst erfreuliche Neuigkeit. Ich liiiiiiiiiebe diese Serie und ich erinnere mich noch sehr genau, dass mich das Ende total frustriert hat. Luke und Lorelei verdienen ein honigsüßes Happyend und ich freue mich wahnsinnig, dass sie in den neuen Folgen miteinander glücklich zu sein scheinen. Außerdem bin ich gespannt, wie es all den anderen liebenswerten und äußerst skurrilen Personen so ergangen ist.
    Jetzt bleibt nur abzuwarten, wann wir das hier in Deutschland zu sehen kriegen. Ohne Synchronisation bin ich total aufgeschmissen. Die Girls sind sprachtechnisch definitiv zu schnell und zu ausgefallen für meine Englischkenntnisse.

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    • Ja, das Ende – Luke & Lorelai kommen zwar zusammen, aber das hat so lange gedauert mit diese Christopher Geschichte dazwischen drin… Ich hätte da gern mehr gesehen – auch eine Hochzeit vielleicht? Zum Glück sind sie immer noch zusammen jetzt 10 Jahre später. 🙂
      Und die skurilen Personen, ich liebe die auch!
      Hoffe für Dich, dass es schnell auch auf Deutsch übersetzt wird.

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  4. This is one more show you and I both love. Are we TV twins? 😉 It’s amazing that the entire cast is back, and that the producers gave in to pressure from the fans and invited Melissa McCarthy to be on the show. After all, it wouldn’t be the same without Sookie! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Esther. I look forward to the new episodes and your comments on them. #GilmoreGirlsforever

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    • Yes, it really does sound like we are TV twins! Very cool! 🙂 And yes, I love that Melissa McCarthy is back! I always adored Sookie. What was up with that, that she was asked so late?
      I don’t have Netflix but for this I think I will try that trial subscription. 🙂

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      • I’ve been subscribed to Netflix for over a decade and still don’t regret it because it introduced me to many TV shows I wouldn’t have been able to watch otherwise.

        Melissa McCarthy spoke up months ago when the rumor was spread that she hadn’t agreed to be part of the Gilmore Girls’ reboot because now she’s a movie star. Well, she went on Twitter and said that she had not been asked to replay Sookie by the producers and would love to play the character again if they would make room for her. Of course, with that embarrassing fact revealed, Melissa received an ‘invitation’ and that is why Sookie is part of the show. Can you imagine Star Hollow without her? I sure can’t! Stupid Hollywood suits!


  5. Yes, so looking forward to this. I haven’t started refreshing binging yet, but I will. Luke’s in Lorelei’s kitchen, Rory visits, Sookie is at the inn. If Jess wins Rory back, all will be well in Stars Hollow.

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  6. Never watched even one episode of this, but my ex is a huge fan and very excited.


  7. So wonderful. Just finished re-watching all the seasons with my mom. Then we took a road trip to a Connecticut town like Stars Hollow, cause we are nuts like that 😉


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  9. […] in three days the 4 new TV movie episodes of The Gilmore Girls will be released on Netflix! After my recent binge-watch of a lot of the series I am really giddy with anticipation for this one. I hope it can live up to […]


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