Interesting Colin look…

Colin Firth is apparently filming a new movie with Rupert Everett and Emily Watson (she’s an amazing actress, by the way, I love her!). The movie is called The Happy Prince and is about the last days in the life of Oscar Wilde. A few first pictures have emerged…

Yeah… that mustache…. not my kind of period look, to be honest. I much prefer Colin in this period look..

Colin Firth Darcy 3

… to him in this period look…


But I’ll live – at least there’s another interesting project of his coming up!


7 thoughts on “Interesting Colin look…

  1. Is that considered Late Victorian, or Edwardian? I agree, that is period look at the expense of aesthetics. Which I’d usually be in favor of but maybe not in the case of Colin Firth.


  2. Der Schnurrbart ist etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig 🙂

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  3. LOL Rupert doesn’t look so hot either 🙂

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