Handsome Richard in LA…

Richard Armitage did a Q&A in LA for Berlin Station with co-stars Leland Orser and Michelle Forbes last night… He posed for a picture infront of Berlin Station posters and… oh…my… goodness, just look at it, with that cheeky little smile!


Yep, I’m sold! There are more pics…

… and then some fooling around with Leland Orser and Michelle Forbes which make for some lovely shots…

… with this following one as my fave…


That leaning in thing is extremely sexy, I find, as are the touching hands of Richard and Leland! Another sexy picture is this next one, taken during the premiere the night before with Tamlyn Tomita leaning against Richard, his arm encircling her waist… yeah, I’d hold on to him like that as well…


And while I’m at it, 3 more pics from that premiere night…

The man looks so extremely good in blue and grey that I need to remind myself to keep on breathing! He’s fine, he’s very fine indeed… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Handsome Richard in LA…

  1. I don’t know if you know that German Christmas carol, “Ich steh’ an Deiner Krippen hier” but there’s a line in it, “und kann mich nicht satt sehen,” and that’s what I was thinking last night. Just can’t get enough!

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  2. Ja da sieht er wirklich smart, sprich zum knutschen aus ❤ !!

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  3. Er sieht soooo gut aus und ich kann Frau Tomita vollkommen verstehen. Wer würde da nicht zurück kuscheln. Sein Lächeln auf diesem Foto kann man nur “verschmitzt” nennen (dieser Mundwinkel…) “träum”


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