Pineapple tie!

So, yeah, I’ve just gotta share some lovely images of Richard Armitage last night at the Berlin Station premiere in Los Angeles!

Looking extremely handsome yet again! The man always looks wonderful in a grey suit, it brings out his eyes. And I know it may be controversial, but I really like his pineapple tie! The tie is a nice touch of something different in his suit outfit. According to what Servetus found (thanks so much, Serv, for all the updates!) the tie costs $ 180,-! I’d never pay anything like that for a tie for my dearly beloved husband who wears ties a lot to work (I don’t think he’d like this one as much as I do anyhow), but then, I don’t have a salary like Richard’s to spend… Regardless of cost, I like the tie. ๐Ÿ™‚ And this following picture is my favourite picture that I have seen so far from last night:


Just look at those eyes, with the small wrinkles at the side! Such an expression on his face just makes me melt every time…

12 thoughts on “Pineapple tie!

  1. Lovely collection you have there…. i love it

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  2. $180 would be full retail; I doubt anyone pays that, and it depends on where you buy, but the odds that it would be less than $75 except on clearance are low. Still too much for a tie!

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  3. I think the tie is OK, if a bit unorthodox, but he needs black shoes with that grey suit!

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