I have a fan video corner now!

So, the other day I was making a video for A Place To Call Home. It looks something like this when I work on it in my old Windows MovieMaker software…


The show has started with it’s 4th season last weekend in Australia and, in anticipation, I made this video to a song I had been listening to and thought would be fitting:

Then  I got to thinking that it would be nice to have a little corner here on my blog where I link to all the videos I have made so far. It gives me a chance to put videos together on their own pages and I can write something about them. So, I did just that!

At the top op my blog there are now 3 menu items: the homepage that consists of these blog posts, the ‘fan video corner’ I have made (with themed sub-pages!), and ‘about me’ has moved from the sidebar to the top menu. It’s been fun to do! So, you can access this fan video page via the menu or right now via this LINK.

It’s a good thing I’m out of a job right now… this has been my full time job for the past two or three days. Anything to keep me from doing household chores (which I REALLY have to do now as Suzy is arriving tomorrow for a weekend visit)! Oh, and I have now also listed ‘WordPress’ as a skill on my CV. 😉


13 thoughts on “I have a fan video corner now!

  1. Esther! I watched the episode and the whole time wished I could have had a running commentary with you online, because none of my friends watch it and I wanted to talk about it so badly. I wonder if the ‘Rat’ lady is a direct descendant of Cruella De Vil, but worse. 😉 Enjoy your weekend visit! Oh, and good job with the video.

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    • You watched the first episode of season 4? Gotta confess, I got my hands on it too and have seen it as well. 🙂
      That Regina is personified evil and the actress playing her does it so extremly, chillingly well! She deserves awards for that!

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      • I did watch it because, where there’s a will, there’s a way. 😉

        Yes, Regina is an elegant monster and I can’t stand her. You are right to call her evil personified. The actress who plays here is magnificent in the role. If I ever ran into her, I’d give her a wide berth! 😉

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        • Oh yeah!
          I was thinking the other day, why do I like this show so much? And I think it’s because of the strong female characters. There are so many of them! Sarah (a calm pillar of strength – an attitude of ‘”I’ve survived the worst life can offer, if I can do that, I can do anything”), Regina (evil but strong), Carolyn (independent but strong), Elizabeth (strong matriarch) and Anna (rebellious and strong). Even Olivia (not my fave character) is showing strength in her victimhood. This season is going to be interesting for her, I think, going up against the Bligh family!

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  2. Just had a look at your new fan video corner and have to say it looks really great. I like how you embedded those videos – looks really sleek and neat! And of course I also admire your video editing skills. I have never gotten into that – the moving image just isn’t my cuppa. But I sort of wish I could do it, too 😉
    Besides, I think that is some very creative way of passing the time (and avoiding chores) while you are out of a job. Gotta enjoy your freedom for a little while, until the next job comes along. Plus, it benefits your readers and fellow-fans. I approve 😉

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  3. The whole “old” software problem annoys me no end. I’m not a big vidder, but I just read that the software I use to vid with has been discontinued — aaaargh. Well, I hope this laptop holds out a good long time 🙂

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    • Oh no, that sucks.
      I already had a laptop change about 2 years ago and copied the software and luckily it still works. The new Windows MM has far less possibilities, it’s very basic, probably because they want to sell more expensive video software with more possibilities.

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  4. I really envy your skills!

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