Say my name, say my name…

Who knew that being out of work could be so time consuming? I was just about able to catch up a bit with my own blogging but have had virtually no time to read other blogs!

Applying for jobs takes a lot of time (but is already starting to pay off, I have my first job interview in a week!), as does the admin surrounding the whole joblessness situation. Also catching up with people, going to a funeral (wife of a friend of my dad’s), getting in gear to help my aunt with organizing her 80th birthday at the end of the year and then there’s the health stuff…

dizzy-hypnoI’ve had trouble with dizziness and constant tinnitus (although no hearing loss with that as yet) and was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease a few months back, which is nothing life-threatening but it is annoying. Things had been going so well on that front, I thought I’d just drastically lower my med dosage, so low that I even stopped taking any pills on some days. That was not a good idea. I always have tinnitus, so that didn’t change (you get used to that) but the dizziness returned. Not as bad as before but enough to be annoying and inhibiting… So, I’m upping my meds again but it takes some time for the meds to take real effect again.

Anyway, suffice it to say, that all this wasn’t conductive to finding time to watch the first two Berlin Station episodes, that were made available online for FREE two days ago! But, finally I made it, I just watched them. Even though my house is in a dire state right now and I really need to do something about that, I have chosen to blog about Berlin Station first! Blogging is far more fun than household chores any day…

So, Berlin Station went off to a great start! Truly exciting stuff, with all sorts of inter-mingled plotlines that will hopefully unfold and give us answers in time! I loved the acting too, very good and intense. For me especially Richard Jenkins, Rhys Ifans and Leland Orser stood out next to Richard Armitage. But I’m not going to give an in depth analysis or spoil anthing big here. I just want to point out the shallow things in Berlin Station that gave me HUGE pleasure!

David Bowie! The moment the title music started playing I gave a little shriek! Bowie’s song I’m Afraid of Americans is the title song! I love that song, even blogged about it earlier in the year after Bowie passed away. bowie-americansThen later on in the first episode, when Daniel flirts with Claudia in the bar, in the background another Bowie song is playing: Soul Love from my fave Bowie album Ziggy Stardust. Now this is quality TV. 😉

Richard and cats! So, the man once said he preferred dogs to cats and he probably still does, but Daniel-Richard apparently likes cats! He strokes the cat, smiles and picks it up and even takes it home. Aw! It makes this cat lover’s heart beat faster.

Richard as Daniel Miller goodies – the long stride and the way he moves when he walks fast, the little shake of the head he always does (he tilts his head to the side and then moves it back; for me it’s one of his signature moves),

Richard looking good in nothing but his underwear, daniel-underwearwhite-shirt-Richard, white-shirt-danielRichard’s American accent sounding alright to me (what a relief! I remember feeling his accent was off in Into the Storm), Richard speaking German (once or twice I found it a bit difficult to understand him, but overall he doesn’t sound half bad), Richard with a kid eating ice-cream and the little smiles he gives throughout that encounter,

and of course romantic and flirty Richard who kisses delightfully.

Falafel making was even featured briefly in the second episode. The guy making it sure knew what he was doing. I love falafel! bs-falafel

Love is love. Gay love, black & white love – no issues there, it’s portrayed as normal, which it should be! No convoluted explanations, justifications, it just is what it is.

And best of all: Richard Armitage said my name! He really did, he said ‘Esther’! At the end of the second episode he meets this German agent in a bar and as she leaves he says, “lovely to meet you Esther Krug”. Maybe I can isolate that soundbite (without the ‘Krug’) for a ringtone on my phone? Hmmm, there’s a thought. Here, this is a still of him saying the “s” in Esther. 🙂 daniel-esther

So, yeah, I’ve really got to see more of Berlin Station! It’ll be a while before there’s more, which might be a good thing. It gives me time to start on my household chores – no more excuses to hold me back.

17 thoughts on “Say my name, say my name…

  1. Best wishes on the job interview! And maybe I’ll take on the challenge of having a clean house before I can watch an episode of Berlin Station all autumn long. (I don’t think I’ll master that challenge, but it might be a good goal! lol!)

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  2. Servetus

    I’m inviting someone to watch Berlin Station with me — so there’s an incentive to keep at least the common areas clean 🙂

    I wonder if they’d decided on the Bowie song for the titles before the great man died? These episodes excited me SO much. I had felt reignited by the publicity, but now I know the fall is saved. So much to see, pay attention to, and Richard Armitage.

    I hope the dizziness settles down soon.

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    1. Thanks. it is getting better already.
      Yes, I was wondering too about deciding on that song. Bowie and Berlin sorta go hand-in-hand so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had planned it that way all along.
      This Daniel Miller character looks like he may end up right up here with my other fave Richard Armitage portrayed characters. I mean, come on, he likes cats! 😉


  3. Elanor

    Good luck, viel Erfolg und außerdem gute Besserung. So ein Tinnitus ist nicht leicht zu ertragen – ich fühle mit dir.
    Umso schöner ist es, dass du dich so mit deinem Colin und über “Berlin Station” freuen kannst. Was für ein Glück, dass wir etwas haben, das uns zeitweise vom Ernst des Lebens ablenken kann.
    Ich fand RAs Deutsch übrigens bezaubernd. Irgendwie ist es etwas Besonderes, ihn in meiner Sprache sprechen zu hören. Ich kann die spezielle Wirkung nicht erklären.

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  4. oh no, sorry i saw this so late, hope you are feeling better! I know what you mean, i get bouts of it myself, but thankfully much less since i live in the Uk, apparently the weather helps. I find drinking very cold fizzy drinks helps with the dizziness a bit 🙂
    Fingers crossed for the interview, i hope something interesting will come along shortly, do keep us up to date 🙂
    And really glad you liked BsT! one way or another to have 10 eps to enjoy him in is nice after the long pause 🙂

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    1. I really liked BS but didn’t quite love it yet. So many uncertainties, I need to see more to know whether I’ll really love it. Really looking forward to that! What I did love was seeing lots o’ Richard (literally. 😉 ). Daniel is holding back on us, we don’t really know him yet, and I find that intriguing. 🙂
      Job interview went well, should hear back from them at the end of the week (I was the first in a longer line of interviews).
      Dizziness is under control again, thank goodness!

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      1. ah fingers crossed for good news from interview 🙂 and great news on dizziness, there is nothing worse, i hate the thankfully few days a year when it disables me completely :-S
        And yes to more of Daniel 🙂 I am actually not sure yet that just because he is the protagonist we are also meant to root for him, they might be setting us a trap! So i am withholding my feelings until i see more LOL Just to be safe 🙂

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