Muse & Richard

So, this totally made my day on ‘Armitage Day’ two days ago (posting a screencap, in case the tweet gets deleted in the future):

RA and Muse

Richard referenced my absolute fave band! I love Muse, I’ve been to three of their concerts (very briefly wrote about that here and here), which were truly awesome, and I’d go to even more if I could afford it.

I first really dicovered Muse some 4 or so years ago while watching one of the Twilight movies. Movies were OK (first one was the best one, I thought) but I loved the music in the movies. I especially liked Muse (adored their Supermassive Black Hole song), got two of their albums, but it was one of the many things I really liked. Then, in the fall of 2012, a friend of mine said she was going to a Muse concert with some friends and would I like to go as well. Sure I wanted to go, we got tickets, and on December 17th, 2012 I went to my first Muse concert in Amsterdam. It was my absolute best concert experience ever and if I didn’t already love Muse I would have fallen in love with them right there! The concert inspired me to listen to even more Muse songs, I got the rest of their albums, and BAM I was hooked!


I was going through a very tough period at work at the time. There were reorganisations and layoffs, which I could understand, but I could not deal with the callous, unjust and dishonest way in which our director handled it all. During those monthsΒ  I threw what might best be described as a temper tantrum at work for the first and only time ever! I am quite calm and level-headed and not much really pisses me off to that extent but our director did. I called her out on it during a whole company meeting, then stormed off in anger slamming doors. I was the talk of the workplace – if something could set ME off like that, then it wasn’t good. I was warned by kind colleagues to tone it down, it could be my job next, but I didn’t give a shit. The director was being totally dishonest and unfair to my ex-team of 13 people (they ALL got sacked on bullshit grounds) and although I hadn’t been their boss for a year, I couldn’t just soundlessly let her do what she was doing to them.Β  Those who warned me turned out to be right, a few months later I was ‘downsized’ myself on faux-legitimate grounds. The funny thing is that I was far angrier at my ex-team being sacked than at me being sacked. The organisation I worked for had become something of a family, I had loved working there, but with this director I was actually relieved to be gone… I milked what I could from her and left.

Why am I rehashing all this? Because only with Muse on my MP3 player, was I able to survive it all! Through them I could channel my frustration and anger, they were my perfect outlet. Muse was pretty much all I listened to for at least 6 months, if not a year… This, maybe not surprisingly, was one of my favourite songs at the time:

Their music makes me feel justified in my frustrations but it also makes me feel totally elated. When I listen to them, it’s like my heart opens up and all emotions are let out. Their music is a release to me and I love most of their songs. I love their energy, the melodies and the beat, the guitars I always call ‘singing guitars’ – they are like voices in their own right. Speaking of voices, Matt Bellamy’s voice is very melodic and steady with a great vocal range. Some artists only sound good on their albums, Matt Bellamy sounds terrific live as well. There’s a symphonic quality to Muse’s music and their lyrics are revolutionary and sometimes anarchistic but they also occasionally have more gentle songs which touch me, like this one:

They go against the grain and I love that, probably because I don’t do enough of that myself.

So, to have my fave actor Richard Armitage reference the band that means so much to me – yep, I was stoked! How could I not be when two of my loves come together like that? It makes me wonder whether Richard listens to more Muse, or was this just a one-time thing he came across in his Spotify playlist? I recommend that Richard goes to see Muse live, although that may be tough right now as they have just finished touring. Or, better yet, come to my house and let me show you Muse Live in Rome on BluRay! It’s absolutely fabulous stuff! I even play it when I have to do chores in the house and break up my cleaning by jumping around to the music every once in a while. Perfect way to make something drab, like household chores, fun. Here’s a video from that BluRay, they sang Starlight at that concert, that should be a selling point. πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Muse & Richard

  1. Violet

    Going to a favorite band’s concert is one of the most fun experiences in life. I find it very cathartic, since I’m a singer and songwriter myself. The thing is, Richard’s choice of song made me wonder why he decided to share that one specifically. Maybe it was simply random. What can I say? I think too much! πŸ˜‰

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  2. I have to confess that i knew of the band but didn’t know the music. I’m not making excuses, it’s true that i listen mostly to classical music and haven’t listened to pop in year and years. I do go back to some staples of my own but i wake up to Radio 3 rather than Radio 1. So it was nice to dip into something new based on his choice of song.

    Glad that you took away something nice from that stressful period! And i guess good to remember what a nasty job was like to cherish the good ones πŸ˜‰ We learn something from everything, don’t we?

    Funny with music, i’ve struggled with classical this year as i just didn’t have the energy an concentration for it, but i can’t work really well without music. I concentrate much better with it. And i just didn’t fancy any of my 80-90 stuff these days so i’ve turned to Radio 1 these last few days and am enjoying myself and working better. So i might be back into pop πŸ˜‰ Still love classical, i had a funny moment yesterday listening to a song thinking, wow love the classical influence in this song in terms of instrumentation and then wow, i really like this bank.. so checked the player to see what was on.. Coldplay! I had to laugh at myself πŸ™‚ I am really out of the times πŸ™‚

    But yeah, i like the sound of Muse, rock was always my preference in pop. And their lyrics are fab I think he did choose it sort of on purpose. It felt a bit melancholic but also expressive towards us, with the hug things and so on. It somehow fit and it strikes me as being quite typical for him, pensive, a bit dark, searching if you will… hm, maybe ‘constantly searching’ are words that define him really well? It feels like this to me, now that with the celebrations and all i am feeling predisposed to think a lot about him in inquisitive and kind ways πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the other song suggestions! πŸ™‚ need to load the playlists onto my Spotify. The vid from the concert is great, looks like something def worth seeing! Well, they are bound to be back in London sometimes so i’ll keep it in mind πŸ™‚

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    1. I came out feeling empowered after that whole job fiasco thing. For the first time I was really really tested. I am not good with conflict and so far have mostly been able, in my job, to discuss things when stuff got hard. I’d come out with solutions I was able to push through or with compromises I could live with in the end and sometimes I’d just accept the decisions made by others. This situation, however, demanded a more agressive approach – ‘good discussion’ was getting me nowhere. I had always wondered how far I would go to stand up for what I truly believe to be right if I were really pushed. I found out that I’d go very far (this whole thing even ended up in court, the most terrifying experience in my life!). And yes, it gives me a clear idea of what kind of shit I can take in a job and what stuff I really will not put up with anymore. Muse truly fits with that sense of empowerment for me, which explains why I still LOVE to listen to them, even though my love for them originated at a horrible time in my life.

      You know, times change and our ‘need’ for a certain kind of music changes as well! I always used to listen to more mainstream pop and only as the years wore on, did my music taste diversify. As a teen I was in love with a boy who loved Metallica and I just couldn’t wrap my head around that. How could anyone like that noise? Nowadays I actually quite like Metallica, ever since they teamed up with the San Francisco or LA or whatever orchestra some 10 years or so ago. At some point you just need something different. You’ll always still love the old stuff, you just need something new in the mix as well. Sounds like you are at such a point right now.

      Coldplay – yes, I like them too! I saw their concert at Glastonbury on TV and it was great! I made a cd of their greatest hits for in the car on our vacation and we played that a lot. I can give you a song list, if you like. Same for Muse. And yes, go see Muse in concert if you can! Actually, I’m thinking I’d like to see Coldplay in concert as well now. πŸ™‚

      And yeah, Starlight has some sweet lyrics – maybe Richard was trying to hug his fans with that? I’ll take it, lovely thought. πŸ™‚

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    1. Yeah, sometimes music can put you back in time and when that time is bad, you come to dislike the music as well. But for me, Muse = empowerment (as I just explained in my response to Hariclea above) and that is a good feeling. πŸ™‚

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  3. Muse are great! I became an involuntary fan when guitar-god-in-the-making son listened to nothing but Muse for a summer. (I think he was 12 at the time.) SMBH is the anthem of that summer. – I found it surprising that Richard is apparently into Muse although I can see how the “symphonic” quality of their songs would appeal to someone with a classical music background. But there are a lot of quite “heavy” elements to Muse, too. I had (wrongly?) placed Richard as a slightly softer, possibly more mainstream listener. But I am very glad to have been proven wrong… Must consult that list of music quotes by RA that I compiled somewhere. There were some “interesting” choices in there…

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    1. Ha! So, is your son a true guitar god now? Muse has some awesome awesome guitar playing, so it must be great for someone learning the guitar to study them!
      Yes, I had pegged Richard for more softer, mainstream and classical music as well, which is why this Muse reference pleased me so much! It seemed like something different coming from him. Starlight is admittedly one of the more mainstream Muse songs and certainly not as heavy as some of their stuff, so I can see the appeal to a wider audience and audiences who normally prefer ‘soft’ stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love lots of soft, even gooey, stuff as well, it’s just that I love Muse more. πŸ™‚

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      1. I think they have a perfect mix of both – mostly even within individual songs. They are quite melodic – and then the guitars go into heavy metal mode. I like that contrast; I think it’s quite intelligent πŸ˜‰
        And guitar-god son is still living and breathing his guitar, currently very much obsessed with Mark Knopfler.

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        1. Of course it’s intelligent, just like those who like Muse… πŸ˜‰
          Oooh, Mark Knopfler is excellent, another guitar legend and my older brother’s fave!


  4. Richard has mentioned liking Radiohead, so in my mind Muse would follow. (Not the same vein of music, but they both fit the genre.) I like the fact that you found listening to Muse cathartic after bad times. (Better than trashing hotels rooms in frustration,eh? πŸ˜‰ ) I too saw them live several years ago, and there is no explaining the live experience really. They were simply amazing. My favorites are Supermassive Black Hole, Hysteria, and Knights of Cydonia. It was a bit tragic that there was backlash against them for being on a soundtrack for a film franchise that garnered a certain amount of hate. They had to be on it as Stephanie Meyer made a point of stating that they were her favorite in her books. Richard listening to Muse makes sense also as there is a darkness about their music. As I do, Richard likes dark.

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    1. Well, being on that franchise was good PR… I’d never give them shit for that as I discovered them through that franchise! In fact, I came out loving them (and not the franchise). πŸ™‚
      Radiohead have a bigger name than Muse, I think. When I talk to some people about loving Muse (even in my own family), they look at me like ‘who?” but they have heard of Radiohead. But yeah, if you like Radiohead then it is feasible you’d like Muse too. πŸ™‚
      Cool that you’ve been to one of the concerts. The faves you mention – omg, yes, I love them too! Hystera – have you seen the cover by 2Cellos? Absolutely fantastic as well!

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