The end of the affair

And by “affair” I mean the love affair with my vacation… The fun we had in the first half of our vacation, continued during the rest of our vacation as well. The most difficult part was the visit to Auschwitz, which my son doesn’t want to talk about any more, and we had some drama too.

The drama… we had a bit of an adventure with Cracow. As Cracow in Poland was quite far from our campsite in the Czech Republic we had rented a self catering apartment there for two nighs. The drive that was supposed to be 4 hours took 8 hours due to several traffic jams… so, no scenic stops on the way like we had originally planned. Then the next morning, my nice Canon EOS camera was stolen from our apartment, while we were inside having breakfast in another room! Who thinks to lock the front door when you’re all inside? That meant that instead of sightseeing we spent a few hours trying to get the camera reported stolen at the police station. First police station we went to no one spoke anything other than Polish. We got to speak to a translator on the phone who asked us to be at another police station two hours later. Once there, we had to wait another hour. This is the family at the police station making fun of having enough of waiting…

2016-0802 Cracow (3a)

Being interviewed and having the report made up took another hour but as the office was too small, the kids and I had to wait outside. So, nope, never saw an actual Polish police officer’s desk myself but the officers we met were very friendly. After finally being able to make that report (we need it so we can claim the loss from our insurance), we had some time left to walk through Cracow for sightseeing and in the evening after dinner we took a little carriage ride through the city. All’s well that ends well.

2016-0802 Cracow (8)

The kids had a little more adventure than I did on our vacation (I’m not so much of an adventurer when it comes to this speed & climbing stuff): they went motor-karting and tobogganing, they went down fast waterslides at a waterpark and my daughter even perusaded my husband to go climbing with her.

What makes this vacation extra memorable are the beautiful mountains and the beautiful views they provide. We usually have very cultural vacations visiting cities, churches and castles. While we had done some of that as well, it mostly was a nature vacation this time around and it was great! We went hiking a few times; one time we hiked down a ski slope (but without the snow)…

Another time we went up the highest Czech mountian Snezka (1600 m) in a cable car. The views going up were beautiful…

… and the views from the top were awesome.

2016-0813 Snezka & rodelen (12)

We also hiked up to the spot where the river Elbe starts. Basically that spot is a few pools of water and one pool that is walled and marked officially as the start of the river.

Even nuns hike up to the source of the Elbe… 🙂 I have a bit of a soft spot for nuns, I like seeing them around, but these nuns didn’t stay long to admire God’s miracle of creating a river (10 seconds at most) and quickly continued on their hike.

2016-0806 Elbe source (13)

We also went back to Wroclaw again and on the way stopped at an old medieval church with beautiful murals and painted wooden ceilings.

2016-0810 Malujowice (Mollwitz) church

In Wroclaw cathedral we lit candles remembering my dad and for my mom.

2016-0810 Wroclaw (6)

I had the best iced tea ever there as well!

2016-0810 Wroclaw (12)

I was also pleased to run into this little grafitti image of one of my heroes, David Bowie, on a wall in Wroclaw!

2016-0810 Wroclaw (9)

Oh, and popping bubbles was fun too.

2016-0810 Wroclaw (13)

We also visited a cave with an underground lake…

… and I played around with my camera (we bought a replacement camera even though we’re still awaiting an insurance refund) capturing the reflection in my son’s sunglasses or my daughter jumping into a ballpool…

The most heartwarming part of the vacation is that our kids still like to occasionally hug us, even though they are (almost) teenagers and basically too cool for this world…

And so the sun sets on our vacation (left is a view from our campsite, right a view from the pizzeria we had dinner at during our stopover in Germany on our way home)…

Yesterday I took my daughter and her bff to the beach (while my husband stayed home and my son went to see his girlfriend)…


… and next week it’s back to school for the kids, back to work for my husband and on with job searching for me (my contract to my last job ended this past Wednesay, just as I finished my accumulated vacation days).  As always, I love these weeks I get to spend with just my husband and the kids and it’s always also a little sad when it’s over… seems like I will have to turn to Richard Armitage news (there’s been lots around lately I gather!) to soften the blow. 😉

29 thoughts on “The end of the affair

    1. We really did, thanks! Then again, I’m not one to quickly find fault with a vacation, I’m just glad to be away for a bit. I always find things to love and when things don’t go as planned – well, that’s part of the adventure…

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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your camera. Extra-nasty, to think that someone took the opportunity and burgled some innocent tourists – especially as you were *in the apartment* at the time. What a bummer!!! I’m glad to see it did not totally spoil your enjoyment of Warsaw, though.
    And I must say that your photos of the Krkonose mountains (Riesengebirge, Giant Mountains) brought back some lovely memories for me. I have been on that gondola ride, too. Another time, we walked up Snezka from the Polish side, on what my Silesian granny always called the “zigzag path”. (She, and my grandpa, were both born at the foot of Snezka (“Schneekoppe”) in a small spa town.) And I have been to the source of the Elbe, too – funny to think that a small trickle turns into a mighty river… So I loved seeing your photos, and I am glad you had some fun there. Beautiful part of the world!!
    As for the news in blogworld: you will have plenty of stuff to catch up with – and fill your time with.
    Good to have you back, and good luck with getting your camera replaced!

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    1. Thanks.
      You know, I did wonder at some point whether you’d been up Snezka as well as you had mentioned before about your family originating from that region. Your grandparents were from the Polish foot of Snezka or from the Czech side? Nice that you went up to the Elbe source as well. It’s lovely up there.
      Camera was stolen from Cracow, not Warsaw. 😉 Hopefully we’ll get most of the cost refunded. I’ve already bought a new replacement, now just need to look into getting another lens than the standard one that came with it.


      1. Damn – Cracow, not Warsaw… Ah, I loved Cracow. So sorry that it happened to you there. It’s a great little place. Mini-Prague.
        And yes, you remembered well. My grandparents and father were from what is now the Polish side of the Krkonoske. The little spa town is called Cieplice.
        Oh, so the replacement is already a nice quality one. Good call! (I bought a replacement camera two weeks ago while on a weekend trip to Scotland, too. Just can’t bear being without a camera.)

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        1. Would have loved to go to Warsaw as well (I’ve only been there once in the early 1990s) but that was just too far. Cracow – we visted a few days after the pope visited there and there were ‘youth days’ there as well, so it was really busy in town. It was nice to hear young people playing guitar and singing in the square while we were having dinner outside on the first evening when we arrived. Nice atmosphere, but very touristic.
          Yeah, we figured we’d immediately buy a new good camera as vacation times are when I take most pictures.
          What happened to your camera that you needed a replacement? Yeah, you really need a good quality camera for all the great RA pics you spoil the fandom with!


          1. Sounds like a great time to be in Cracow!
            My camera was actually fine – it was the memory cards that (both) played up. Even though they were empty, the camera kept telling me they were full – and would not store any pictures. I think it is actually a compatibility problem with Mac that must have messed something up. I bought a cheap Canon automatic to tide me over the holiday…


    1. It really was lovely.
      The church became protestant in the 16th century and the murals were then hidden behind plaster. From the 1860s the murals were slowly uncovered, in the 1960s the painted ceiling was uncovered. It was gorgeous. It’s the church in Malujowice (should you be interested in researching more).

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    1. Thanks, Perry.
      I had my laptop with me and most of the pictures I had already transferred onto there, I only lost one day worth of pictures, so luckily not too bad…


  2. Violet

    I’m glad you and your family were able to have a lovely vacation, in spite of the obstacles. As all of us ‘grownups’ know, It’s so important to create memories like these…now that my parents are both gone, the love they gave me – the good times we shared as a family – give me strength. I’m sure your children will feel the same way as time goes by. I’m sorry your camera was stolen; it’s a miracle the thief didn’t actually walk further inside and hold you up at gunpoint!

    I wish you success in finding a good job you love, and quickly. May your children have a terrific school year. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us! 😉

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          1. Violet

            And that is the most important thing. You do, and show it to them in words and by your actions. We truly learn what love is when he serve others. That is one of the greatest lessons life teaches us, if we let it.

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  3. Servetus

    Horrid about the camera — but what a vacation. So many vistas. It’s such a beautiful part of the world and the food is so good (and unabashedly rich). Hope you’ve been able to tank up for the next weeks.

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    1. Thanks, Serv! I hope so too.
      And yep, the food was nice! And very affordable too, about half the price of what we’d pay here in NL for going out to dinner. So naturally, we went out to dinner quite a lot. 😉

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  4. Das mit der Kamera ist ja wirklich ärgerlich! Aber sonst sieht es so aus als ob ihr einen tollen Urlaub hattet, wunderschöne Fotos 🙂 Fingers crossed für die Jobsuche, ich weiss wie nervenaufreibend das sein kann, Bewerbungen schreiben, Absagen, Gespräche……ich hoffe einfach dass es schnell klappt einen neuen Job zu finden!!! 🙂

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  5. Oh, really sorry about the camera, but thank God they didn’t take anything else and you are safe! Sound like otherwise you had a perfect holiday with nature an culture and all manner of nice things. I love the photos of the kids hugging each other too 🙂 You have a lovely family! And i can assure you they will remember these holidays very fondly, i really do – looking back at the ones i had with my parents when i was a kid, especially the travelling ones!
    Nice with the food, must have been delicious too 🙂
    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for the job, hope you can find something soon that you will enjoy doing too!
    Wishing you a smooth transition back to normal life 😉 x


  6. Unbelievable, the awful boldness to enter an apartment when people are there… so sorry your nice camera was stolen. Good job having it insured, though! Otherwise sounds like a lovely vacation. I’d have loved to see that cave… and what a sunset!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, there were some beautiful sunsets some evenings!
      As for the boldness – I’m hust baffled. It’s lucky we were there otherwise they might have sniffed around for more stuff and gotten my laptop or my husband’s iPad. Now they only took what was readily lying about, and that was the camera.But, other than that we really did have a lovely holiday.


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