I love holidays!

We’re a good week into our family holiday and having a marvelous time! We’re trying to strike a balance between seeing lots of things but also ‘just hangin’… Today (well, technically yesterday!) has very much been a ‘just hangin’ day (I finished my 2nd book in a week!), which is why I can get around to typing all this…  and I can ogle the latest gorgeous Richard Armitage selfie! Thud!

However, I hardly have time to catch up with Armitage news (and there seems to be a lot of Berlin Station stuff now that I will only get around to reading/watching  when I get home again) as our holidays are taking up all of my attention!

We’re staying in the ski region in the north of the Czech Republic. We haven’t gone up to the highest mountain yet, but plan to do so probably next week. We have more than enough things to keep us happy in the meantime!

We first had a two day trip coming here… quite long in the car but everyone held up well…


… we set up our campsite and for the first time my son has his own little tent which he loves…

2016-0728 (2)

The first day here we just hung out…

Then, the next day, my husband and I had our 17th wedding anniversary (& exactly 24.5 years together)!


The kids only reluctantly pose for me for pictures…

2016-0726 (12)

… so I photograph them from behind a lot, like here when we hiked along awesome rock formations and had to wear emergency plastic raincoats that we bought as we hadn’t counted on the rain!

2016-0727 (3)

One rock formation had an entrance that somehow reminded me of The Lord of he Rings : The Return of of the King when Aragorn has to enter the mountain to summon the dead spirits…

2016-0727 (9)ROTK

I also melt at the beauty of wild flowers, like here in a field in front of a town castle not far from our campsite…

… and these yellow flowers look like a stock photo from somewhere but I swear I photographed this one myself!

2016-0728 (11)

We’ve also been to Poland to see the villages where some of my ancestors lived in the 16th & 17th centuries before they emigrated to The Netherlands. We found the site of the old church & graveyard of the largest village where 2 generations of my ancestors were buried…

2016-0729 Rekow etc (11)

… and although there are no old graves there anymore, there is a plaque that commemorates the people who lived, worked and prayed there and were buried there. That includes my ancestors!

2016-0729 Rekow etc (9)

These villages lie in the valley of what my husband calls ‘the lonely mountain’ – lovely little Hobbit reference there. 🙂

2016-0729 Rekow etc (6)

In a little graveyard we also found an alternative spelling of the name “Richard” (which coincidentally is also one of my son’s middle names)… it is spelled “Ryszard”.

2016-0729 Rekow etc (8)

We went to Wroclaw, also in Poland, where my daughter splashed through water and once you left the central square there were enough old apartment buildings that reminded us of the communist era…

… and we came across these little gnomes throughout the city that are little statues made after grafitti drawings that used to be found painted on walls to protest the communist regime!

Oh, and we have also photographed our shadows and have had nicely shaped ice-cream…

Yes, I love holidays and hearing, seeing and experiencing new things and I especially love this quality family time!

Ack, it’s close to 2 am by now! I need to go to sleep…

11 thoughts on “I love holidays!

  1. Servetus

    Ah, what a wonderful trip, and the food is so great in that part of the world. Looks like you’re having a great time. And yeah, you’ll have a day of catching up and looking at pictures when you get back. But don’t rush. You definitely need to do some more relaxing before you come back.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it is great so far (except for the 2 hour traffic jam we just were in…). As for RA – I have been sneaking looks at some pics that I came across, cause I just can’t resist! But the more in depth ogling and watching all vids will have to wait as the wifi here can’t really take it.


  2. It sounds like the most wonderful of trips with flowers, castles, gnomes and exciting ice cream!! And happy wedding anniversary! 🙂 Yes nothing like family time, this reminds me of the holidays with my parents way back, also with tents and travels and such 🙂 Great memories!
    Enjoy and hope the weather treats you better! x


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