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Ever since the result of the EU referendum in Britain, Richard Armitage has been tweeting daily and you can just feel his outrage at the result. Here, I’ve put them all together so far (click on images to enlarge):

I very much share his sense of rage and disappointment (see my last few blogposts) and can not believe what I see unfolding before my eyes: the collapse of a nation! The PM resigning, markets falling, opposition in disarray, campaign lies unmasked (call me jaded, but I do find it hard to fathom that anyone really believed such a promise that the NHS would really get 350 million a week after Brexit), no plans for the future, a society in upheaval with xenophobia and the generations pointing fingers at each other, an EU that wants the UK to leave already and the latest bomb is that Boris Johnson, who led the nation to this precipice, has too abandoned ship! Don’t get me wrong, I’m very pleased that (for now) Boris Johnson will not be prime minister, overjoyed, in fact! I hope this ruins his political career forever, because such a turncoat and deceiver should never be allowed in power, but good golly, I had not thought him to be so dastardly that he’d just leave the whole mess he made to everyone else… OK maybe he was forced out by Michael Gove who, by the looks of it, doesn’t sound ideal either. But then, in my eyes, no Tory leader would be. Not even sure about Theresa May… but, it’s not my choice…

I could ramble on and on about this for ages, but what I really wanted to express is that I have never experienced Richard Armitage like this, so openly sharing his political thoughts. He has dropped some hints before as to where he stands politically, but never has he been so outspoken as he has been in the past week…and he hasn’t deleted his tweets either! For this issue I guess he doesn’t care about any opposition or potential bashing. The man is really sticking up for this, and I’m loving it!

Also, never before have I seen my Twitter timeline so full of political reactions to his tweets! In addition, I find that his political views are so very close to mine, which of course pleases me, and his anger and disappointment mirror mine exactly. I know some people must be thinking ‘enough with the negativity!’ and even I find myself thinking that sometimes, but then I get angry all over again (like when the Boris bomb hit yesterday) and when I turn to twitter, there Richard is, expressing my anger or surprise in his way! This is such a huge, momentous issue, it can not just be brushed aside by thinking ‘oh, we must stop being negative now’.

Yes, we need to be constructive and just deal and make the best of it but when you are so against the outcome of this vote, it is very difficult. Somewhere  in my mind I can see my 2 year old self throwing a temper tantrum on the floor yelling “but I don’t want Brexit!” (OK, this is not me, but my son throwing one when he was two)…


And yet, we do need to move on. Even if Brexit were to be overturned, things will need to change and a new equilibrium needs to be found. Europe also needs to move on, it needs to address the anti-Europe sentiments, and I hope something positive can be built from it. I also hope this collapse is a deterrent to the Le Pens and Geert Wilders (far right Dutch politician) and also Trumps in this world, but I fear it isn’t… there are still many more skirmishes ahead… and I wonder if Richard will comment on those too.


17 thoughts on “A tweet a day…

  1. I like it that he is Tweeting about it and feels it so deeply. Some have said that the “Leave” group were “for” something (nationalism) with emotional power and that the “remain” group had nothing to cheer for. But I don’t think that’s true. Most of the people I know in Britain feel strongly about being European and the high ideals that represents. The Patrick Stewart video expressed that.

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    • I think the Remain group was never able to show ‘what Europe has done for us’, like in that Patrick Stewart video. They should have made many videos like that instead of only focussing on the negative. That way Remain could have been seen as more ‘for’ something as well. But that is me talking in hindsight…
      Oh, and one of the reasons I am not so sure about Theresa May is that she was for leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (yes, the same position that was spoofed in Patrick Stewart’s video!). She has let that position go for now, but will she continue to do so?
      Yeah, tough times and I really like that Richard is taking a stand on this.

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  2. I am so glad RA hasn’t deleted any of this tweets and I hope the ‘Tweet and delete’ times for him are over!!!!

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  3. I think it’s terrific that Richard Armitage has found a strong and decisive voice on Twitter over this issue. Perhaps some of the influential follows he’s garnered over the last few days have given him the confidence in expressing his opinion. I can almost feel him – almost seething – behind some of these tweets.

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  4. I’d argue that this Twitter behavior is a net plus for him, even in terms of followers who don’t agree, because it makes him seem way more human. If he has opinions, they can be the wrong ones, just like those of ordinary mortals. Given how controversial this was in the UK, it’s astounding how *little* blowback he’s gotten, even at the beginning. He is getting fewer favorites now but that’s a general trend when you tweet multiple times on the same topic.

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    • I haven’t read too many reactions to his tweets for, well, various reasons I won’t go into now, so I’m not that aware of the response. Good to hear, though, that they don’t seem to blast him. Maybe that helps to encourage him to not delete them? Whatever… I just know that I’m happy he was able to throw his feelings out there and that he isn’t apologetic about it.
      Oh, and thanks again for the link-love.

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      • Gern geschehen 🙂

        I won’t say I always read the responses to his tweets (who has time, and they are often very repetitive or content-free and I don’t have time to decipher the meaning of long strings of emojis) but I have this week. It may just be that the 52% are not on twitter or remain silent (that’s their MO anyway), but I would say there have been between 1-5 actively controversial / negative respondents per tweet (and some overlap). Then there are probably another 10 that are somewhat critical or disagree with a piece of what he says. The rest is positive / agreement / “you’re so smart Richard”.

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      • OK, now I have to laugh wryly: someone just called his tweeting of articles critical of the Brexiters “cyberbullying.” Laughing because finally a fan is directing at him the criticism that fans on the margin get all the time, not because I agree with the assessment.

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  5. […] post is a rambling response to Esther’s post about Richard Armitage’s recent spate of tweets. I’ve already commented on the upsides to his decision to maintain his recent political […]


  6. Du sprichst mir aus der Seele mit dem, was du schreibst. Das Thema ist wirklich zu wichtig (und viel zu aufwühlend), als dass man nach einigen Tagen einfach wieder zur Tagesordnung übergehen könnte. RA scheint das auch so zu sehen.
    Wenn ich seine Kommentare lese, dann denke ich , dass er nicht “nur” ein hervorragender Schauspieler ist, sondern auch jemand, mit dem ich mich sehr gut bei einer Tasse Kaffee unterhalten könnte 🙂
    Ich beschäftige mich ja erst seit relativ kurzer Zeit intensiver mit ihm und natürlich baut man sich aus all dem gesichteten Material langsam ein Bild von ihm als Person zusammen – das Bild das entsteht gefällt mir gut. Er ist nicht perfekt (Orlando Tweets), aber ich kann ihn wirklich gut leiden *grins*

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  7. Thank you for this. My sentiments exactly. I hope RA will continue on this tweeting course of no deletion in the future despite any misspellings and what nots.
    He’s truly ‘come into his own’ on Twitter. I also like this Richard.

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