Just one more thing! Or two..

I know I said I would stop talking politics, but then I came across this video just now (apparently already made in April) and it is the most brilliant thing ever! It spoofs one of my favourite Monty Python sketches from The Life if Brian called “What have the Romans ever done for us?” In fact, we love that sketch so much, I got my husband a T-shirt of it last spring…

Romans t-shirt

The video stars Patrick Stewart, whom I also love. It’s called “What has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?” and it’s truly brilliant!

Maybe if the Remain campagne had focussed more on what Europe does actually achieve, on the positive things being in the EU brings, the outcome of this referendum could have been different? Who knows… but videos like this going viral may have helped.

Two more reactions I’d like to add…

A blog called “Viceandvirtueblog” posted what I thought was a very good reaction on the Brexit vote. The author challenges the claim that this vote is a ‘class war’ or that it is ‘a victory for the common man against the establishment’. She argues that the outcome of the referendum was based on a campaign of fear and hatred that went largely unchallenged and on people believing the lies they were served. I won’t paraphrase all she has to say. If you’re interested, take a look at her piece “A cry against anti-intellectualism”.

And finally, as a David Bowie fan, this tweet from the actor Paul Bettany struck a chord with me. 🙂

Ok, done with political blogging for now… let’s see how long I can last…

18 thoughts on “Just one more thing! Or two..

  1. Brilliant, Esther!! Love this!!

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  2. Das trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf wie man so schön sagt. Ich mochte Patrick Stewart schon immer. Übrigens, das T-Shirt, das du für deinen Mann entworfen hast ist super. Damit könnt ihr jetzt reich werden. Ich bin sicher, dass viele das gerne tragen würden, um die aktuelle Lage zu kommentieren 😉

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  3. I loved that PS video when I saw it.

    I keep thinking things will calm down, and then I wake up this morning and half of Labour has resigned from the shadow cabinet. One of these days I am going to have to detach from the news stream and do some dishes …

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    • Over here the laundry is starting to pile up… I just about am able to fill the washing machine & dryer, but folding has fallen by the wayside and the piles are starting to grow… Yes, I too need to disconnect.


      • and … Watson signals he will not back Corbyn. Two more resignations. Sheez. This is crazy.


        • You’re not helping with this letting go thing, Serv…. 😉
          Yeah, it’s friggin’ mess! Ugh!

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          • Won’t tell you about the 11th shadow cabinet resignation a few minutes ago, then. I wonder what they will do tomorrow morning.


            • LOL!! And yeah, I heard…
              I’m watching Coldblay at Glastonbury on the BBC right now (besides being on the laptop) and the singer was thanking the audience for their good humour, despite the weather and the collapse of a country. My husband said, “well, I wouldn’t quite say that” and I said, “why not? They don’t have a PM, the opposition is resigning and their money is going down the drain. I think that qualifies as a collapse…”


              • Nikkei has opened and the continued slide of the pound has resumed. Supposedly there will be a speech before the opening of the English market tomorrow morning explaining the plan, explaining everything. Commentators here are saying it’s the most significant thing to happen in European politics since 1989 and I have to agree.


              • Yes, it does feel like that!

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  4. Yes and to me it feels almost like im loosing most of what i gained in 1989.. Sigh. Well at least not free speech for now 😊that vid of PS was brilliant 😊 and there is a lot in terms if human and workers’ rights EU has done… i’m trying to hold on to hope that not everything will be thrown away.

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  5. My husband liked this so much that I found him watching it again on his iPad last night 🙂

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