Another Saturn Award for Richard!

Last year I was stoked that Richard won a Saturn award for playing Thorin Oakenshield, this year the man wins again! Whoop Whoop! This time for Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal.

Here, I cropped the Richard picture, for a better look:

RA Saturn Award 2016

Hmm, the light green backdrop doesn’t really work for him, does it? Never mind, I’m still stoked! Apparently he wasn’t there to pick the award up himself (he’s got a Mid Life Crisis movie to film after all…) but his speech seems to have been good…

Hope we can still get to see his acceptance speech somewhere… Congratulations, Richard Armitage!! Now on to the Emmys… 😉

In the meantime, I have been loving the recent picture posted after the press night for the play Wild which is playing at the Hampstead Theatre in London. Richard went to watch the play and looks so pleased and relaxed in this picture, I love it.

Wild theatre press night, Armitage and Mike Bartlett (writer)
Richard Armitage with Mike Bartlett (writer of ‘Wild’)

The Hampstead Theatre is virtually around the corner from where my brother lives, by the way! He actually takes the Swiss Cottage tube exit right next to the theatre when he uses the underground. To think that only a few weeks earlier I walked there at least twice daily while I was visiting him… if only my timing had been better, I could have bumped into The Armitage… sigh…

9 thoughts on “Another Saturn Award for Richard!

    1. Smeared algae on his face? LOL!
      But a green screen makes a perfect backdrop for photo editing, no? Maybe some creative fans can come up with something nice. 🙂


  1. Servetus

    It’s part of a new anti-aging technique he’s following. I heard his attic portrait system is on the blink again.
    or: alternate explanation:
    he hit the absinthe too hard last night at the opium den.


    1. Maybe it’s his attempt to get rid of the attic… erm… I mean basement portrait system! If he uses the algae enough, no more selfie corrections will be needed!


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