Rockin’ Richard

So, Richard Armitage and tweeting – I’m not going to go into all the posting tweets and deleting tweets thing. Suffice it to say, I find it a pity when Richard feels he needs to delete his political opinions from Twitter… we’re all entitled to our opinions! Well… whatever… Instead, let me focus on the latest tweet he posted! It’s about cyberbullying but it’s not the message that interests me at all, it’s the selfie he posted with it!

RA rocker

So, he says in the tweet that he’s on his way to work in Soho. Would that be Soho, NY or Soho, London? In any case, it’s probably on his way to work filming the new Mid Life Crisis movie and the look suggests to me he won’t be in spandex after all for this movie… But that’s OK! The leather look totally works for me! A little mussed up hair and a beard to go with it… the movie was already sounding good, now it seems to be looking extremely good as well! The man does look quite skinny, but I need a full (in leather) body shot to examine it all in more detail. 😉

So, if we don’t get Richard in spandex in this movie, do we get Richard playing (air)guitar in leather in front of a mirror? Again I have this little Colin Firth movie scene in mind, with Colin in leather pants and a rock shirt…

Oh yeah, this is going to be fun!


33 thoughts on “Rockin’ Richard

    1. Oooh, yes! And that makes me think of when Simon Baker did a ‘Mick-Off’ with Jimmy Fallon (both doing Mick Jagger dance impersonations)…. Oh man, I would love to see Richard try that!

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  1. He looks awesome… I like the length on top of his head… hope it grows out even more. Edgy! And I do wonder if the black leather jacket is RA’s Soho attire, or part of the role??

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    1. Oh my gosh, yes, if the hair is a little longer yet, that would be the absolute best!
      Well, the attire really could be either… I’m kinda going for the role look but if not… maybe there’s hope for spandex yet! 😉

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  2. this is sooo funny!!! the way the leather screeches in the silence LOL never seen this 🙂
    and it is apparently London since other film people have also made their way over.
    Don’t you think this looks fits right in – in London Soho? 🙂

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    1. The clip is from a movie called “What a girl wants” that Colin made over 10 years ago. The movie wasn’t so great (I really didn’t like the teen lead actress and the movie was full of clichés) but Colin was of course wonderful!
      Yes, I wouldn’t mind seeing Richard run around like that “in the wild”. You planning a visit to Soho in the near future? 😉

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  3. sparkhouse1

    I read your post about an hour ago and vowed not to comment because my comment would be negative – not about your post, your post was lovely. The selfie is lovely too. But…it makes me really angry. Is self promotion the only thing RA is about? The deleted post about the Orlando atrocity …. I rationalized the first deleted post as I always do when he pulls that stunt. But the second deleted post?? There is no rational reason for that. I was so disappointed in him as a person. Courage of conviction was once again evidently lacking and there was NO possible justification for it. Sorry to be venting here. I consider myself the queen of ‘just let it go’ but this was just one time too many. I took a break from following him on twitter. I still admire his work immensely but if he wants to express his opinions (and I hope he does) he needs to work on standing by them. The world will never be a better place if we retreat to silence when our feelings and views are challenged.


    1. Thanks for commenting! I’m sorry this deleting thing has spoiled the fun for you. 😦 And he’s done it again and deleted the tweet I referenced. I can’t imagine what may have been offensive with that! Yes, frustrating because we don’t understand why…
      I’m sure his convictions are strong, I suspect he struggles with how to manage them publicly. I’m not even beginning to understand why he does this (would be a good interview question for a q&a sometime!) and so, although I don’t like it, I also don’t let it bother me… The man just ain’t perfect… I can live with that.

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  4. Servetus

    I’m still sleepy and I immediately thought Soho London, and then I was like, oh wait, yeah, there’s a Soho NYC, and then I was like, that’s practically his stomping grounds now, why would he be in cab. Obviously I need some coffee and protein, lol. The cyberbullying thing — yeah, whatever. Richard Armitage is potentially the most incompetent user of Twitter I’ve encountered there. I’ll consider advice and chiding about that matter when he learns how to use the medium himself.

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  5. chattypatra

    Maybe Richard was already in his character’s mindset when he took this selfie because the expression on his face is not very friendly. Anyway, I am most grateful to you, Esther, for posting that clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I was watching when it aired and it was highly enjoyable to see Simon Baker strut his stuff on the dance floor. He is one of the sexiest actors in my book, and certainly talented. I hope he does another show soon.

    As for the Twitter ‘controversy’, I’m fed up with so many things that I deleted my blogs on tumblr and here. I won’t leave Twitter because of several reasons that have nothing to do with Richard. The same thing on FB. I’ve left the RA groups and kept my account to stay in touch with my extended family and “old” friends. Nothing personal against the man; I simply feel that the happy attitude which permeated the fandom pre-Hobbit has changed into something else. It’s not fun anymore for me, although I do wish him well and hope many of you are able to see him live in NYC when the play opens.

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    1. I keep away from fan bust ups as much as possible. I acknowledge that they happen and move on. They have always been there (maybe more now because there are more fans now) and I have never liked them. I have previously kept away from any ‘fandom’ for that reason. It’s why I always lurked and have never become an active member of any groups, because sooner or later something will always come up and I just do not want to be caught up in that and have it suck the energy out of me. So, I have my own blog now and here I can control what does or does not happen – no dramatic bust ups and I can create my own RA bubble where I can do as I please. I pick and choose what I decide to react to or not on other blogs and leave all Facebook, Twitter, message board, etc. discussions to others. I have found my own way happily sailing through all the drama without it bothering me too much (most of the time).

      And Simon Baker – yes! Marvelous man! Apparently he is in Australia directing a surfing movie now (although, he may be finished with that already, don’t really know for sure). He seems relaxed and fun and has a smile to die for – yep, with ya on his attraction factor!

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    1. Yes, I love this guy too! I occasionally rewatch some Mentalist myself, I miss it too. In fairness, the show had pretty much run it’s course, but still…


  6. I cannot see the vid with Colin Firth 😦 Macht er einen neuen Film? Irgendwie habe ich da gerade was falsch verstanden….. ich dachte er ist in der midlife crisis – lol – denn dafür ist er noch zu jung!

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    1. Nee, der Film von Colin ist von 2003… in dem Film ist er auch in seinem “mid life” gelandet (er hat herausgefunden, dass er eine 18 jährige Tochter hat) und tanzt er etwas blöde herum in schwarzen Lederhosen und spielt Luft-Gitarre vor dem Spiegel. Sehr lustig um zu sehen und ich hoffe Richard wird so was ähnliches machen in seinem “Mid Life Crisis” Film. 🙂

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