I always love how watching, listening to or reading something can turn me into a fan of something completely different! A great example is Muse. I watched the Twilight movies a long time ago, which were alright, but I especially liked the music in those movies. One of the bands on the soundtrack was Muse and once I discovered them – well, the rest is history! They are my absolute favourite band now.

I have more examples like that. For instance, the reason A Place To Call Home caught my attention was because it starred Brett Climo who I had liked way back when in The Flying Doctors and now I am smitten with that series. Or the trailer of the movie The Social Network (and I still haven’t watched the actual movie, although I have had the DVD for ages and ages now!) brought my attention to a Belgian women’s choir, who sing covers of pop songs, called Scala & Kolacny Brothers; I have since seen them in concert once a few years ago!

The singer Pink I discovered through a Richard Armitage fan video that I saw in my early RA fan years back in 2007! It was gone from YouTube for a while but then returned. I quite like Pink, we play a greatest hits CD of hers regularly in our car. So, I was watching this fan video again recently for the first time in forever, it is set to Pink’s awesome song Trouble (lots of Guy in this video for the Gisbourne-lovers out there!) …

… and I figured this song would go very well for a Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries fan video as well! In fact, I think several Pink songs would be very fitting for Miss Fisher, but this one stuck in my mind. So, as I make fan videos myself now, I made one to this song!

You can also view it on Vimeo, should YouTube not work for you:

Now I have officially managed to connect my Miss Fisher fangirling to my Richard Armitage fangirling! I am quite pleased with that. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Trouble

  1. Es, i can’t see the video from work. Tell me about Miss Fisher – I’ve never come across the name. Is this a Dutch series? British?

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  2. Trouble is a good song for that multi-character Richard Armitage vid! I hadn’t seen that before. Thanks! And nicely done in adapting the song in creating your own video for the murder mystery series you like. Cheers!

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  3. I recently heard a Pink song called “Dear Mr. President.” Very political–I liked it!

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  4. Leider kann ich die ersten beiden Videos nicht sehen 😦 aber die Kombi ist gut! Hach!!! Schmacht!!! ich schaue so gerne miss fisher dass ich jedes Video von ihr liebe, bzw. den beiden ❤
    Ich glaube ich muss jetzt doch mal die Videos kaufen 🙂 so für den Fall dass das Fernsehprogramm wieder mal eine Katastrophe ist 🙂


  5. […] I blogged about using the Pink song Trouble for a video I made and how I first got to know that song through watching a Richard Armitage fan video way back […]


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