Cats (and kids)

Ah, the joys of May in the Netherlands! Lots of holidays and long weekends. The kids just had 2 weeks off school and now we just had another long weekend off as well. The holiday season starts at the end of April with King’s Day, then on May 5th many people have the day off for Liberation Day (celebrating liberation at the end of WWII), after that a Thursday off for Ascension Day (although this year it was the same day as Liberation Day) and this past weekend was the Pentecost weekend where we always get the Monday off as well. Not that anyone here really knows anymore what Pentecost is… but that’s OK. It’s an extra holiday and no one minds a holiday!

We took the opportunity to go to the north for a weekend to the holiday cottage my parents bought 11 years ago. As we’ve been there so often, there’s not much sightseeing for us to do there anymore, so we just chill out there. The nice thing is that every time we go to the cottage we bring our cats along. So, the only pictures I took during our weekend away were of the cats…

We noticed that the carpets in the cottage and our cats go together well, as you can see in this ‘match the tails to the carpets’ picture… 🙂


Our beige cat (he’s not really red, too light for that) is turning into a cat with seniority now with his 11 years of age. Our black cat is 2 and while she loves to jump on our older cat and play with him, she does know who’s boss. What I love is that these cats have become good friends over the past 20 months! They do not sleep together but they do play together and they like to sniff each other…


What makes all this extra cute is that they are not only very sociable with each other, they are cuddly with us as well and the kids can do anything with them, like carry them around or lay on top of them…

A cats and kids filled weekend – always fun!

5 thoughts on “Cats (and kids)

  1. Ich habe auch 2 Katzen an diesem Wochenende gehütet! Darf ich mich jetzt staatlich geprüfter Katzensitter nennen? Allerdings sind die beiden weiß-rot 🙂
    Du hast da zwei schöne Prachtexemplare, farblich passend zum Teppich 🙂 Extra so ausgewählt?

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  2. those 2 are real beauties!!! and they really look soft and cuddly, love the photos of them nearly giving each other a peck 🙂 And the holiday sounds amazing, i am envious! 😉

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