London & the Armitage connection

So, the family and I were in London for a week last week! My brother lives there and while I have visited him on my own or with my husband, my kids had never actually been to London! So, we did the whole touristy thing with them…

… we did the “London Eye”…

… we saw the changing of the guards and while we were waiting, this little boy walked by, fully dressed as a ‘Bobby’…

… we even took a quick peek at Greenwich, seeing the Meridian Line and sitting for a few moments in a park overlooking part of London (in the tree picture, that’s my daughter in the pink sweater with my son and the Millennium Dome in the background)…

We also went to the British Museum, which I hadn’t been to since I was 11 (!!) and were blown away especially by all the Egyptian artefacts. My daughter’s favourite was the Egyptian black cat which reminded her of our black cat at home and my son’s favourite was the Rosetta stone which was used for deciphering hieroglyphics. I was fascinated by the mummies.

As if that wasn’t enough, we had a great time visiting with my brother!

My son, my brother & my daughter in St. Alban’s (north of London).

He has a segway the kids learned to use outside Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath, my daughter baked a cake with him (the girl loves to bake and she really doesn’t get it from me!), he gifted us tickets to a production of “The Railway Children” which we all really enjoyed immensely, we cooked at his house and went out to dinner as well and one evening accidentally found ourselves joining in a pub quiz… which we won! We called our team “The Dutch Connection” and ended up being the best out of 7 teams; not a mean feat, right? Oh, and my brother told us that occasionally a fox visits his garden and lo and behold, one morning the fox rewarded us with his presence for a full half hour!

The kids even ‘dabbed’ with him! My kids have been ‘dabbing’ and my brother commented how his 12 year old daughter (who sadly couldn’t be with us) does it all the time as well. Apparently it’s all the rage to ‘dab’ right now, which of course originated in some music video. Here is the dab move, right in the middle of The Mall, near Buckingham Palace…


So, where in all this is the Richard Armitage connection? First off, I had my RA badge with me because I thought it could come in handy (see the small, white, round thing on my bag?)…


… then we passed by the BBC building just off Oxford Street which made me think of Richard and the BBC interviews he’s done (although not sure whether from that location)…


On the evening we won that pub quiz, it became clear not long after the quiz ended that Leicester was the Premier League football champion and the whole pub errupted in cheers. Fun atmosphere to be around and prompted me to even tweet in response to Richard’s tweet on the subject!

Then there was the day we went to the British Museum: we unexpectedly passed RADA! For a moment I got really excited that I was passing the spot where Richard had studied acting, but then remembered it’s Tom Hiddleston who did RADA; Richard did LAMDA… Whatever… Still cool, so here is RADA. 🙂

When I got home, I saw pictures of Richard Armitage in his cameo role as the king in the new Alice in Wonderland : Through the Looking Glass film and it immediately made me think of seeing the crown jewels in the Tower of London…

But the best Armitage connection of all is that I met fellow RA fan and blogger Hariclea for dinner one evening! We met outside Charing Cross station and had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant, which was absolutely delicious. Hariclea is a lovely person, sweet and chatty, and I loved meeting her. When I got back to my brother’s I was thinking of more things I would have liked to talk to her about, so I guess I just really need to go back again. Yep, we really need to do that theatre thing some time. Thank you for the lovely time and the lovely dinner, Hari!

So, yeah, the week in London was wonderful and already I am looking forward to my next visit! Oh, and should I go to London again with the kids, maybe I should take less pictures; the kids got very camera-weary… 🙂


24 thoughts on “London & the Armitage connection

  1. Oh lovely. Great post, Esther. It looks as if you did it all and had great fun doing so. The weather wasn’t too bad, anyway, right? So nice that you were able to get a bit of Armitaging in, too. It’s funny how many places are sort of connected to him. Without being too sentimental about this, but I sometimes think that I look at London more attentively because of RA. Not that I expect to see him there, but I recognise bits and pieces in the fabric of the city because of one of his roles or things he has mentioned.
    Glad to hear you got to meet Hari! Never a dull moment with her, and she is a fabulous “entertainer”.
    Oh, and I also think it is really sweet you brought the badge along. (Mine is on my handbag, too 😉 )

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    1. Well, the badge is on that one bag, so when I have that bag with me, the badge is also there. Plus, I thought it might come in handy when meeting Hariclea but in the end I did not need a badge to recognise her. 🙂
      Yes, weather was good, got better and better as the week progressed!
      I also had a Colin Firth and an Emma Thompson moment while I was in London. Nothing spectacular but perhaps something for a next post. 🙂

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  2. Amy Clark

    you probably already said but i can’t recall… in what part of london was the pub located?

    the dab is the best part – dan showing the kids up. 🙂

    i believe sean bean also went to RADA.

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  3. Sounds like an awesome trip! And I can relate to the inadvertent Armitaging that occurs there. I was pretty fresh out of Spooks when Mom and I were there, and kept flashing on various Lucas scenarios! So glad you got to meet Hari!

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  4. What a perfect trip! London in the spring, good weather, the British Museum (love it), a fox (!), the delightful Hariclea, a pub quiz, and Leicester’s great win–a historic moment. Good fun all around! BTW thanks for the RADA photo–my guy Ciarán Hinds went there, but I never knew what it looks like.

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  5. Emma

    Lovely trip report Esther. I especially liked the pictures with your family in them. They show the fun you were having together. London is such a wonderful city with lots to see and do. And you met Hariclea, how great is that!

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  6. Loved hearing about your trip and all of the wonderful pictures! It sounds like you had a great time! And that BBC building reminds me of that Spooks 8 scene where Sarah pitched her boss over the railing and a glass walled building was in the background. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

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  7. Sorry for the delay, full week! 🙂 Lovely photos of the kids and your brother, looks just like you said, they had great fun, so hopefully another trip to London soon! With or without the kids 😉
    It was sososo nice meeting you! I thought about our chat about your lovely family a lot 🙂 And theater and lots of other things, fingers crossed we get to pick up our conversation sometimes soon and go enjoy some much loved theater together:-)
    It was really lovely to meet you and i too regret we didn’t have more time together this time round 🙂

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    1. I really do hope to come back and chat more and do theatre, etc. with you! This was the 3rd trip to London in 3 years for me, so at the very latest another trip to London will be due next year. 🙂 And should you ever want to visit The Netherlands, you know who to contact now…

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  8. Sorry, ich bin sooo spät – einfach keine Zeit um in Ruhe zu lesen 😦 Aber ich sehe schon, ihr hattet eine tolle Zeit – NEID! Wunderschöne Bilder und so kann ich ein bisschen was von Deiner Familie sehen 🙂
    Ich hoffe Ihr hattet schöne Pfingsten?

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    1. Oh man, ich bin auch spät mit reagieren auf Blogs – ich versteh’ Dich volkommen! 🙂
      Ja, die Woche in London war toll. Ich werde im Juni eifersüchtig auf Dich werden, das weiss ich jetzt schon. 😉
      Ja, Pfingsten war gut mit Katzen und Kinder (siehe nächster Blog Eintrag) und Mann natürlich. Hoffe Dein Pfingsten war auch gut!

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