London, here we come!

This Saturday my husband, my kids and I will be flying to London and we’ll be staying for a whole week! Whoop whoop! Very excited! Despite my brother living there, my kids have never been there, so we decided it’s about time we take them… We’ll do the whole touristy stuff with them: London Eye, changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Westminter, Tower of London, Covent Garden, Oxford Street, etc.


Maybe we’ll try a show as as well… Or I could try and catch a glimpse of Colin Firth and Emma Thompson and many others on Wednesday as they head for a British Oscar winner’s reception with Prince Charles at St. James’s Palace! Oh, how I would LOVE to see those two for real! If only I knew the time (I’m thinking evening) and what entrance of the palace to choose… Not sure, with the family around, I’d have the time to actually scout the place for any length of time during the day…  but maybe… who knows? Or I could run into Richard Armitage as he still seems to be in London. At the very least I could try and see the play he seems quite lyrical about in his latest tweet:

Anyone else (Hariclea perhaps?) have ideas on what play/show would be good to see in London next week, if I/we can find the time?

In any case, I already now know we’ll all have a wonderful time. It’s not only about taking in all the London highlights, it will also be wonderful catching up with my brother who I don’t see often enough. I always love coming to London. 🙂


18 thoughts on “London, here we come!

  1. I’m excited for you. I hope you fit in some fangirl stuff, but theatre is what I’d try for.

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  2. Have a great time!!!

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  3. Fantastic – enjoy London, it is always great!
    And yes – do try and see Les Blancs. I watched it when I was over there at the beginning of the month. Tickets to the National Theatre are actually really cheap. (Compared to other theatres, that is.) Mind you, the kids would probably enjoy a West End show more?
    And in case anyone of you is a Dr Who fan – visit the Tardis in the BBC’s Media Café, in Broadcasting House, just off Regent St. It’s public and free in!
    Have a great time!

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    • Dr Who never really caught on here, although my husband & I have seen some.
      Yes, I already checked NT prices and they did look good! Will also discuss with my brother, see if he wants to come. Not sure it’s for the kids…


  4. Bon Voyage! May you create some lovely memories and have lots of fun. I hope you do run into Richard at some point. Enjoy the plays! 😉

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  5. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time!!!

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  6. Good for you! Have fun in London Town 🙂

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  7. Hi Esther,
    Veel plezier in Londen!
    Leuke stad, in elk seizoen. De Southbank wandeling brengt je op leuke plekken. En fijn dat je je broer weer zult te zien.

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  8. Oh, habt ganz viel Spaß!!!! Genießt die Zeit, die Theaterstücke und das feeling auf Londons Straßen 🙂

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