Richard on Urban movie

Richard being interviewed about the Urban and the Shed Crew movie:


The man is again being very sweet about the people he has worked with on this movie. I really really want to see it and not only because of Richard! The subject matter interests me and now he has made me extra curious about the Urban character in the movie too. I so want to see this, I wonder if I ever will.

RA interview Urban


8 thoughts on “Richard on Urban movie

  1. I was really happy to see this interview but I agree, it makes me want to see the film more again (and I’m skeptical that it will ever happen).

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  2. We can always hope…


  3. Oh ich würde den Film auch so gerne und endlich sehen!!! Fand das Buch total beeindruckend ❤ Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt!

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