King’s Day in the Netherlands

Today is a holiday in The Netherlands: King’s Day when we celebrate our King’s birthday; it was King Willem-Alexander’s 49th birthday today. On King’s Day there are “free markets” everywhere where the Dutch sell their second hand junk, it looks pretty much like this…


…there are bands in the streets and everyone dresses in orange (our national colour). Just one big street party, basically. I still need to get used to calling this King’s Day and not Queen’s Day anymore (before this king, who came to the throne 3 years ago, we had Queen Beatrix for 33 years).

So, King’s Day today – we half-watched our royal family on TV during their visit to the town of Zwolle today (loved our queen Maxima’s skirt, the royal couple have 3 daughters & the girl in the black dress is our crown princess Amalia)…

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Afterwards we wanted to go out on the town ourselves. My hometown is a tad lame on King’s Day, so we went to a town about 20 minutes away instead. My son wasn’t feeling well today, so he stayed at home. He donned an orange cap for a picture and then went back to bed. My daughter was slightly more orange…

Yeah… threw a painting effect on the picture…

My husband, daughter and I went off to that town for a few hours. It was chilly, though, so we didn’t stay long. Plus, we were a little late, so the free markets were all packing up. We did have drinks at a cafe (warm and dry inside)…


… and listened to a band for a bit outside before we headed back home again and had a take-away dinner. Not the most spectacular of King’s Days ever, but fun and relaxed nevertheless. Hopefully next year we’ll be able to celebrate more and in better weather. It remains my favourite Dutch holiday. Not so much because of the royal family, more because of the festive and fun and orange spirit. Everyone comes together and is cheerful and happy, I love it. 🙂

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