Tulips – part 2

So, a few weeks ago I blogged about tulips that I see around me here in daily life. In that post I showed this picture of a potted plant in our front garden with tulip leaves coming up but no tulips as yet…

20160329_161315 (Large)

… but now the flowers themselves have finally shown up as well!

Tulips 1

And just when I feel that spring is really here to stay the forecast is that it will be cold again this weekend and next week… Maybe nature too is sad because of the passing of British comedian Victoria Wood and legendary musician and singer Prince…


6 thoughts on “Tulips – part 2

  1. Haven’t seen any tulips here yet, either. Daffodils, though.

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  2. Frühlingshaft ❤ Meine blühen auch wunderschön!! Und am Wochenende soll es wieder schneien 😦


  3. Ah, they are lovely! I have seen tulips here, though not nearly enough.

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  4. Love tulips! Thanks for sharing your pictures! None of our tulips have returned this year. Rabbits! But our cherry tree is in full bloom with a flowery scent that engulfs you. My hubby claims is smells like a cough drop. Ha!


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