Colin & Richard again

Yeah, I know, I’ve been absent from my blog. Busy with other stuff, which means I haven’t blogged or read much of other blogs for a while. Plan to catch up here and there, but who knows… Anyway, crawling out of the woodwork and lo and behold, I find new pictures of Colin and Richard again!

Yesterday was the premiere of Helen Mirren’s new movie called Eye in the Sky. Colin Firth isn’t in it but he’s a producer of the movie and both actors were at the premiere. Some lovely shots of them together, the pictures suggest a real rapport between them.

Awww, I love these! 🙂 Helen was looking gorgeous yet again, Colin was dapper and I love a shot of him with a fan, he looks so pleased.

Eye in the Sky is also Alan Rickman’s last movie… Short synopsis: “A military officer (Helen Mirren) in command of a drone operation to capture terrorists in Kenya sees her mission escalate from “capture” to “kill” just as a nine-year old girl enters the kill zone.”

And here’s a trailer in case your interest is piqued:

And after all of this, I also find new Richard pics (thank you to Perry on Armitage Agonistes for collecting the messages these pictures were shown in!). He’s apparently filming part of Berlin Station in La Palma (Canary Islands) now. Love seeing him with a loose white shirt like that…

Why does that remind me of this?

My day is good!  😉

10 thoughts on “Colin & Richard again

      1. Elanor

        Ich kann dir nur zustimmen und meine auch, dass er nass wirklich gut aussieht (auch wenn er selbst Wasser eher meiden würde). Denk doch nur an Guy mit diesen nassen Haarsträhnen im Gesicht oder an Thorin, nachdem er aus seinem Fass ans Ufer gekrochen… äh gestiegen ist – “verträumtguck” ❤

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  1. Excellent pics–I saw the trailer for this movie and heard an interview with Helen Mirren talking about drones. She said she went to a wedding where they had a drone taking photos from above, and it gave everyone the creeps! This role is a very good one for her.

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  2. Welch wundervolle Bilder heute im Netz für meine müden Augen, immer wieder ein Highlight zum hingucken.
    Sooo schade, dass es der letzte Film von einem großen Schauspieler ist…… :-((( bin sehr gespannt!

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