Miss Fisher & Detective Robinson

I blame a few health issues but mostly Suzy for my recent blog absence – she alerted me to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on her blog and I think Herba may also have mentioned how fun that show is. I was determined to just watch one episode and be nonchalant about it but damn, I was drawn in instantly! Which means I had to binge-watch of course! And had little free time for anything else! And I had to make a video! The idea to this video formed quite early on while I was watching the show…

I try try not to get too invested but of course I do… I can’t help it… I fall in love and just go into obsession mode… not always a good thing…

Anyway, I have now watched all 3 seasons of this show which is set at the end of the 1920s in Melbourne. Apparently it is not certain yet whether any more episodes will be made. There is some talk of maybe a movie or maybe another series, but nothing is confirmed yet. They can’t just leave fans hanging like that, can they? I need more!

Essie (short for Esther apparently!) Davis and Nathan Page are absolutely delightful in the lead roles of liberated and fun-loving private investigator Phryne (pronounced Fry-nee) Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson. I am totally in love with both of them!

First A Place To Call Home and now MIss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Australia is doing good on the period tv front! I hear there is another good Aussie show out there, set in the 1950s called The Doctor Blake Mysteries. I will NOT allow myself to be drawn into that… I will not! Who has the time? I first need to ride out the waves of obsession over these other two shows…

15 thoughts on “Miss Fisher & Detective Robinson

  1. Ich freue mich dass Du so einen Spaß daran hast! Ja mir ging es genauso ❤ Sie ist so herzerfrischend und großartig. Und sie nähern sich langsam langsam an!
    Ich hoffe auch schwer dass es weiter geht!!!

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  2. mujertropical

    Ha! This is one of my favorite shows – very well written. I’ve watched every episode and hope it goes on for many more. The characters are fully fleshed, they have non-cookie cutter personalities and each actor does justice to his or her role. You are 100% right about the chemistry between the leads. It’s so much fun to watch their banter and the humor found in the stories. They are so cleverly written. I can’t praise it enough. You guys should all watch it. Phryne Fisher and Jack Robinson are a match made in writer’s heaven. I adore them and am glad there is a female character I can look up to for her courage, determination and all around fabulousness – while she dresses impeccably. She’s amazing! ;D

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      1. mujertropical

        Do you know when the new Series begins? I want to know what happens once she gets to where she’s going! (Trying to avoid spoilers for the uninitiated.)

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        1. No, I don’t know. There is no official confirmation yet that there even will be a new series as far as I can tell! But they do seem to be working towards a series 4 deal… or a movie!


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