Banksy West Bank wall art

Suzy’s post on her Silverbluelining blog about a Banksy film called Exit through the gift shop (post is in German) and my recent thoughts about Richard Armitage’s #nowalls tweet had me researching Banksy wall art on the West Bank in Palestinian Territory. My google search delivered these results…

A Palestinian boy walks past a drawing by British graffiti artist Banksy near the Kalandia ...

Banksy West Bank Wall 2Banksy West Bank Wall 3Banksy West Bank Wall 4


Banksy West Bank Wall 6Banksy West Bank Wall 7Banksy West Bank Wall 8Banksy West Bank Wall 9Banksy West Bank Wall 10Banksy West Bank Wall 11

Walls are barriers to coexisting and these images on a wall that I really hate make me feel very emotional. I find them absolutely beautiful. Some people have citicised making a wall such as this beautiful, but I don’t see it that way. I see it as a beautful protest to tear the thing down.

I so want to live in a world of tolerance, peace and freedom, without walls and violence, a multicultural, multi-faith (or non faith) world where people can accept differences and just  coexist. It may sound too idealistic but maybe if there are enough dreamers who express this and act on this in their daily lives, it can one day become a reality?

I find it scary how the world has become so hateful and everyone has become so selfish and I’m not only talking about hateful reactions to refugees or Donald Trump here. Having said that, have we seriously created a world where men like Trump, with such hateful and violent rhetoric, can become leaders in the world? We only have this one world to share! Can we please stop destroying it and each other and become more tolerant? Tolerance to me doesn’t mean being uncritical. To me it means dialogue and discussion and trying to learn about the other, learn to accept them for who they are, and yes, maybe even change a little to accommodate each other.

When I think about the meaning of life, to me it can be summed up in one word: Love.  I just hope people everywhere, west, east, north and south, will one day be able to feel that too. I don’t mean to preach but to me, in the end, that seems to be the only way. I truly believe that love can accomplish more than hate. And that is what these Banksy images express to me – the hope that love and freedom for all will win in the end.


8 thoughts on “Banksy West Bank wall art

  1. Reblogged this on silverbluelining and commented:
    passend zu meinem Beitrag hat Esther über die Kunst von Banksy an der West Bank geschrieben – tolle Bilder ❤

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  2. Grandiose Bilder! Ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt was der Mann alles an Botschaft in ein Bild packen kann ❤

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  3. Das ist Kunst, die etwas Relevantes zu sagen hat und das ganz ohne den erhobenen Zeigefinger. Wenn man sich die Situation in dieser Region anschaut, dann sieht man, dass die Mauer auch keine Lösung ist. Die Attentäter finden immer Wege, aber die Menschen guten Willens werden voneinander getrennt.

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  4. I love these Banksy pieces too. They’re beautiful. I keep meaning to watch “Exit Through the Gift Shop”!


  5. I have just read your comment, while listening to Johann Sebastian Bach CHACONNE from Partita No. 2 BWV 1004 performed by Ivry Gitlis- Great evening thank you!

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