Death and destruction

I meant to blog about the Oscars that I had watched live with two friends while away at our family cottage in the north for a night. I was also thinking about possibly blogging about some Richard Armitage fandom stuff. But then some destruction happened: I got sick (somewhat better now) and then I heard my 13 year old nephew was sick and in hospital with possible meningitis! Luckily it turns out it was nothing that serious and he goes home again tomorrow…

And then death happened and I am not in a writing mood…


Richard Armitage in “Hannibal”

First a friend of my father’s very unexpectedly died in a freak accident at the age of 72. I didn’t know him that well, but my dad did and respected him. He had come to my dad’s funeral last year. Tomorrow my brother, my husband and I will go to his funeral to represent our family (my mother can’t face going quite yet).

Then I hear that this afternoon the mother of one of my best friends has passed away! She had been battling leukemia for some years, was in remission for a while but it returned a few weeks ago. I spent last weekend with my friend (watching the Oscars) and she was worried about her mom, who wasn’t eating and was not well at all, but no one would have guessed that only 4 days later she’d actually die! My friend lost her father 4 years ago, and now her mother… I feel so awful for her! So, another funeral on the books next week…

Yeah, blogging not so much a priority right now… I feel more like chaos and destruction..


Colin Firth in “The Kingsman”


20 thoughts on “Death and destruction

  1. Thoughts are with you. I’m so sorry you are having a difficult week.

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  2. So sorry to read this. Hope you’re okay.

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  3. Liebe Esther, ich habe mir schon gedacht, dass irgendwas ist, man las so gar nichts mehr von Dir. Ich hoffe es geht Dir und dem Neffen wieder besser!!!! Und für die kommenden Tage wünsche ich Dir viel Kraft ❤ und fühl Dich ganz lieb gedrückt……..

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    • Mir geht es besser. Mein Neffe ist seit gestern Mittag zu Hause aber muss sich noch weiterhin erholen. Es wird aber schon wieder…
      Lieben Dank für das Drücken, das hilft immer. 🙂

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  4. That’s a downer, for sure. Hope you get to rebalance over the weekend.

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  5. Das hört sich sehr traurig an. Hoffentlich findest du die nötige Kraft und Zuversicht.

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  6. uff, sorry about all the sad news 😦 Hope you’ll get through ok this week and the next, big hug!

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  7. I’m so sorry to hear about all this Esther. I had a similar week recently. My friend’s mother died suddenly and then an old friend of mine passed away unexpectedly as well. When a number of deaths happen so close together it can feel overwhelming 😦 Take care! (I found your blog via Servetus’s blog btw, I’ve been lurking and enjoying your posts).

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    • Thank you for your sympathy, Skully, and for reading and commenting! I am so sorry you have been experiencing such a difficult time yourself… hope you are through the worst of it by now.


  8. I am sorry for these losses, Esther. It is sad to suffer loss, but also very hard to watch those we love suffering.
    Over on, we just had a link to an article about Thaddeus O’Sullivan, and I realized, “Hey, that’s the guy who did Call the Midwife!” I didn’t realize all his connections with Mr. H.! Wonder what he will do next?

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