David Bowie remembered @BRITs

At the BRIT awards yesterday David Bowie was remembered. Annie Lennox spoke a moving tribute and Gary Oldman recieved the “BRIT Icon Award” on behalf of David’s family.Β  I found both speeches so heartfelt and touching, I just had to share them here…

This was followed by Bowie’s tour band paying tribute with a musical medley of a few Bowie hits, followed by Lorde giving a beautifully vulnerable rendition of Life on Mars.

Bowie Band & Lorde

I had seen Lady Gaga’s tribute at the Grammys which was stylistically gorgeous but didn’t touch me nearly as much as these tributes did. The musical tribute by Bowie’s band and Lorde can be found HERE. Thank you BRIT Awards for this!



8 thoughts on “David Bowie remembered @BRITs

  1. “almost impossible to mention Bowie’s name in the past tense.” So true!

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  2. Gary….. *grand sourire*
    Thanks Esther

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  3. That’s cool that Bowie got a nice tribute at BRIT awards. He really was a true artist and also a fine humanitarian.

    Hey what did you think at the Oscars? I posted my recap from last night in case some people didn’t watch it πŸ˜‰

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