3 piece suits and vests

Today we were delighted with pictures of Richard Armitage looking very handsome in a 3 piece suit at the Berlinale…

2016-02 RA Berlinale 2

And yes – there I go: weak in the knees! There just is something about Richard Armitage in a 3 piece suit… maybe because he first grabbed my attention in a 3 piece ensemble?


And there are more lovely shots of Richard in 3 piece ensembles…

Hobbit publlicity RA

RA 3 piece

RA Sarah Dunn (2)

But it’s not just Richard. The 3 piece suit certainly contributed to the reasons why I loved Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist so much!

Patrick Jane (1)

Patrick Jane (7)

And I love my husband in a 3 piece as well!


And then sometimes the jacket comes off and you only have the vest, which is especially sexy with rolled up sleeves!

'the hobbit' film press conference at te papa museum, wellington, new zealand - 28 nov 2012, ,



N&S coatless

Simon Baker as Patrick Jane was good in the only vest look as well!

Patrick Jane (5)

Patrick Jane (4)

And I even dug up an old one of my husband (yeah, it was hot)!

Wedding (6)

Clothes maketh the man? Well, it helps in any case! Here, have another 3 piece suit Richard in Berlin… 🙂

2016-02 RA Berlinale

And I’ll just keep swooning over this post again and again…

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