My secret fan video life

Five years ago, I started making fan videos! I first did it for my favourite show at the time, the BBC’s Silent Witness but when one of my favourite characters, Harry, left the show and then the next year they killed off Leo, I stopped watching…  I then moved on to make some The Mentalist videos, I’ve made a few videos of Pierce Brosnan movies/TV series (because the ones out there I didn’t like so much, so I figured I had to make some myself) and I made The Lizzie Bennet Diaries videos. The last ones I made were a few Call the Midwife ones. I still plan on making a few more of those once the new series now airing on the BBC ends.

I post under the name of ‘Hannah’ on YouTube but have decided to add BoE (Book of Esther) behind the name, thus exposing my secret vidding life and linking it to this blog!

It is very time consuming preparing clips to be used in these videos, so I usually stuck to making videos of shows that didn’t have huge amounts of videos out there (The Mentalist excepted). I use an old Windows MovieMaker version to make the videos. The newer MovieMaker sucks and has far less editing possibilites than this old MovieMaker (that I keep on reinstalling on any new computer I get). As the program is old, it keeps on freezing, so I have to shut it down and start it up again often while making clips. I’m used to this editing tool, however, and, except for the freezing, it works fine enough for me. It is easy to use as it has just enough features to make things interesting but not enough features to confuse you. Perfect for an amateur such as me.

I never made Colin Firth or Richard Armitage videos, as there are some very good ones already out there that are much much better than mine ever can be and that feel almost definitive to me. I don’t feel I have much to add there, so I don’t spend my time making clips and then making the videos. However, if someone can point me in the direction of a ready-made Richard Armitage clips library, I will be very willing to try my hand at that as well… 😉

So anyway, long story short: I now have my latest addiction, the A Place To Call Home tv series, and I find there are very few fanvideos for this show. Almost all of them are only for the first series and I feel there just need to be more videos for the show out there! So, that’s my cue: I took on the time consuming task of making clips that I could use in a video of my own and have just finished the video. In case you’re interested, here it is (it’s only 2,5 minutes short):

So, here I am, I am ‘out’! Hannah on YouTube and Book of Esther are the same person!

I go through creative bursts: with the clips in place, I’ll make a few videos fairly quickly after each other and then there’s months and months of no activity at all. Oh, and a few words of warning: the videos I made are OK (the first ones were slideshows set to music!) but none of them are great and none have any fancy effects. Some videos are better than others but all of them are an outlet for my (romantic) obsessions… 🙂

19 thoughts on “My secret fan video life

  1. Hah! Passend dazu habe ich gestern Abend die erste Folge gesehen! Hat mir gut gefallen ❤ Jetzt werde ich mir gleich alles ansehen was Du so produziert hast 🙂 ich gehe davon aus, ich finde es…..
    Du musst mir demnächst mal erklären wie Du das machst. Ich liebäugle mit ein paar youtube Videos zu meiner Lieblingsmusik die es auf YT noch nicht gibt und die mir dann beim Blogpost fehlt 🙂

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  2. Das mit den Spoilern habe ich gerade festgestellt……. aber gut ich habe mir schon sowas gedacht. Obwohl in der 1. Folge ja auch noch der Doktor im Rennen ist. Gerade habe ich mir ein ‘Call the midwife’ angesehen…..süß! Aber auch da wusste ich noch nicht, dass sie ein Baby haben? adoptieren?
    Du hast ja ganz schön viele gemacht!!! Und ‘silent witness’ habe ich auch gerne geschaut, allerdings ist es bei uns jetzt so spät, nach 11, dass ich es dann doch meist verpasse 😦 Harry & Nikki werden tatsächlich ein Paar? Harry hat so was von – Du weißt schon wem ❤

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    1. Ich hätte natürlich warnen sollen (entschuldige)! Alle Videos enthalten Spoilern!
      Call the Midwife – willst Du es wirklich wissen? 😉
      Und Harry & Nikki wurden nie ein Paar, grrr…. *&^%^@*!!!!! Er verschwand und ein Jahr später ging auch der Vaterfigur Leo weg (auf eine herz-zerbrechende Weise) – da war für mich der Spaß am Ende…

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      1. Schade, sah gerade so aus! Ich hatte immer das Gefühl es hat da gewaltig geknisert zwischen den beiden – schade! Mich ärgert es auch immer, wenn die Figuren die ich sehr mag aus einer Serie verschwinden. Irgendwann ist für mich der Spaß dann nicht mehr lustig 😦
        Und das Baby sieht nach adoptiert aus ❤ macht aber nix haupsache glücklich!

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  3. Servetus

    Vidding gives one a chance to look, and re-look, and look again at one’s favorite moments, I think.

    I haven’t been following the vidding scene in the Armitage fandom for a long time. Just at the point at which I became a fan, there was the *huge* squabble going on because some vidders discovered that other vidders were using their film clips to make their own vids. While I understand why they were angry, I think that’s a very common step — you start playing with other people’s building blocks, and if you enjoy it and get good at it then you learn to do it yourself. But of course at that time the fandom was so much smaller, so any anger over things like this was much more strongly perceived. It made me not want to get involved, and I knew at least two people who were put off by the technical aspects of obtaining the vid from even trying it. I did learn how to vid once I got my MacBook Pro, and I loved doing it, too.

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    1. There have been squabbles over vidding from very early on, as I recall. Which is why I have only ever ever used clips I made myself from original source material. I never took clips from any other vidders, just to avoid any controversy. But I have always found it ironic. I mean, I use other people’s materials (i,e, The Mentalist and whatever song by whatever artist) to create something new, why can’t vidders use each other’s material as well? I know a lot of work goes into creating clips with great effects, but in vidding you also use the hard work of people who made the source material… I don’t really see the difference, So, for me, I don’t mind if others use the clips I made, the source material isn’t really mine anyhow… and I don’t make any money off this either,


      1. Servetus

        That’s basically how I feel. I didn’t make the movies and I didn’t make the music. However, after my own private attempts I created all my own vid clips — it did take a lot of work but I don’t know why (apart from copyright issues related to the original materials) every vidder would have to do that herself. I didn’t really do effects, but I could see a situation where you’d see an effect that someone else did and then reproduce that effect on your own stuff, maybe even using the same clip as they did — so that’s copying but in a world that involves plagiarism after plagiarism, it seems like an at most venial sin.

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    1. Thanks!
      I’m thinking Windows didn’t want to invest in improving it as there are other packages out there and they didn’t want to invest in that side of things. Now Moviemaker is simplified so they can offer a very standard basic, but that’s too basic for me…

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  4. Wow – well done. I think this is one of those great examples where being a fan has led to learning new skills – ergo “fangirling is good for you” 😀 Great stuff. (I have absolutely no patience for or interest in vidding, myself, but I love seeing all the videos that my fellow fans come up with. I am just glad that we all have different interests and skills.)

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    1. Thanks. Yes, I love watching a good video too. 🙂
      I never meant to do videos, for a long time I was content enough admiring other people’s work. But then you hear a song on the radio and think ‘ooh, that would go well with that show’ and before you know it you find yourself fiddling around. I made my first video in PowerPoint! Just a slideshow set to music, Then I discovered Moviemaker on my pc, so I transferred the pictures and music to that. Then, once I figured how I could do that, I decided I could just as well stick moving images together accompanied to music and before you know it I became a (sporadic) vidder…
      It’s amazing, now I even have my self-taught basic videomaking ‘skills’ listed on my CV! Yeah, being a fangirl is definitely a good thing. 🙂


      1. It’s great to read all that. Kudos to your patience and motivation. I personally just couldn’t be arsed *LOL*, even though I play around with moviemaker myself, for making photo slideshows set to music. Unfortunately the simple, free programs that I have, do not come with the nice, fancy writing overlays and effects that make videos so attractive. And so I leave it to people like you to delight me with their skills. I think it is great that we can all find our niches that way, adding our own creativity to the mix. (I would love to see your take on a RA video, though :-))

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        1. Thanks! And movie maker (the version I use) doesn’t have such fancy writing overlays or any great effects, so I keep it simple, focusing on just images and lyrics sort of fitting together.
          And I would love to make an RA one! I don’t know anyone with a clips library for RA that I could use and making one myself would just take sooooo much time! I wouldn’t know where to start… Maybe one day…

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