Peace song for a peacemaker

I spent my childhood in Jerusalem, surrounded by Jewish music. On Shabbat we used to play Jewish music (us not being Jewish didn’t hinder us 🙂 ) and the whole family would dance around the living room, like so…

1973 Dancing in the living room with kleine oma

Such happy memories!

This following song always makes me think of my dad, who was a peacemaker in life and in his work…

It would have been his 82nd birthday today. Happy Birthday, papa, abba, Vati!

2001 Papa rules (xmas 2001)



9 thoughts on “Peace song for a peacemaker

  1. Great photos! The dancing pic is wonderful!

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  2. I love the dancing pic, too!

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  3. Should you feel the need to hear it live, you could probably hear it at almost any service at a liberal synagogue — that’s a Reform favorite melody. Happy dad’s birthday. he has a great smile!

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  4. […] 27th is not only Holocaust Memorial Day, it is also the birthday of my father. He would have been 83 years old today, it’s the second birthday without him after he passed […]


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