A little indulgence

So, I have a smartphone and my first 2 year contract was ending. I renewed it and with the renewal I got a new phone. As the new phone is a little larger than my old one, I needed a new cover. I found a website where I could make my own cover for not a lot of money and so I did! I used a photo of the The Crucible painting my mother had made for my birthday last year, the cover came in today and voilà, here it is…


I love it!! It came out a  bit darker than I wanted (the flash makes this look lighter than it is), but that’s OK.

So, I have painted Richard on the cover and when I switch my phone on, there he is again (at The Old Vic’s stage door) before I swipe my code to unlock it! And once the  phone is unlocked, I have my own husband (and the behind of one of my cats) to admire.

Ah, the sweetness of little indulgences! 🙂

17 thoughts on “A little indulgence

  1. This is beautiful – a phone case that is truly unique, that reminds you of your mother, the talented artist, and the other artist chap, too 😉 Great investment – and actually a very discreet fan item. People might even think you are an art buff 😉

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  2. Oh yes! A very culturally-sound and discreet fangirling technique! Love it!

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  3. sehr schön und sehr individuell! Du hast ja auch eine sehr kreative Vorlage! Mein Sohn hat das auch gemacht für sein ipad. Ich finde die Idee toll die eigene Phonehülle zu kreieren 🙂

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    • Ja, ich habe die Kreativität meiner Mutter gut ausnutzen können. 🙂 Hat Dein Sohn selber etwas entworfen oder auch eine bestehende Vorlage benutzt? Ich bin leider selbst nicht so kreativ, dass ich selbst was total neues entwerfen könnte.


      • Er hat ein Bild aus einem Computerspiel mit einem Drachen auf die Hülle kopiert und einen Text dazu geschrieben. Innen steht auch noch sein Name 🙂 Gekostet hat das Ganze 40 Euro, das ist okay, wenn man sich ansieht was eine ipad Hülle von apple kostet 🙂

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  4. Very beautiful and unique! What a great gift to yourself! And, bonus: You get to carry the gorgeous painting your mom gave you everywhere you go! ❤️☺️❤️

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  5. Love it! Very nice. Your mom’s painting is lovely and the pose of your hubby on the couch is very much like my fav pic of RA during the Hobbit filming on the couch with his ipad or whatever it is. Nice touch!

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  6. […] Now, in more recent years, I don’t really follow the videos or fanfiction that closely anymore. I see those things, and other creative output such as drawings and paintings and photo edits and plushies and lovely shrines, as they happen upon my path. I truly admire them and love that the fans do this, and sometimes I even covet the art! There is no single piece made by fans that I can really single out but there is one specific piece of art I do love above all others, not made by a fan but by my mother: it’s the watercolour painting she did for me of The Crucible that is now also used as the header of this blog; I even have it as my mobile phone cover! […]


  7. […] a ‘I 💕 Richard’ t-shirt (don’t own one) and while I have some fan items (and Richard is prominently featured on my phone) my house isn’t covered in them. I am not obsessed enough to go ferreting out news actively […]


  8. […] Oh, and I bought a Hobbit poster that is still up on my bedroom wall for about €15,-. I also had a phone cover made for my phone (twice, as the phone I have now is a follow up to the phone I first had a cover made for). So, […]


  9. […] mother and brothers and sisters know I love this actor and that he’s on my phone case, but they never seem to be able to remember his name. A few friends know and if people ask me, like […]

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  10. […] cover for my phone is custom-made and has an image of the Crucible painting on it that my mother once made for me. This cover was signed by Richard Armitage himself when I met him […]


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