Awards and propostions

No Critics Choice award for Richard Armitage for his role in Hannibal!!


Yeah, stole this one off Zee’s blog

Yes,  you read that correctly! I have been a Richard Armitage fan, well-wisher, stalker, whatever, for close to 10 years now and I have gotten used to the feeling of him not getting the due I feel should be rightfully his. I am not into Hannibal but I did think that what Richard did as Francis Dolarhyde was phenomenal! And yes, Hugh Dancy should also have won… Oh well… I remember feeling that too with Colin Firth, that he was under-appreciated, until he finally won his Oscar for The King’s Speech in 2011.


One day, maybe, the glory will be Richard’s as well? I would love to think that! Unless he is crushed by too many propostions of a questionable nature?

I wonder how difficult it is for Colin Firth to be propositioned by fans and how have his interviewers and ‘fan groups’ survived all these years as potential go-betweens? Considering that wet shirt thing from 20 odd years ago, I imagine he and they have been dealing with it for a long time… Oh, the horror! And what about Brad Pitt fans or George Clooney fans and their interviewers and ‘fan groups’, they must deal with this thing too, right? What about the Justin Bieber circus, don’t they have this happening to them? Or are only Richard Armitage fans this hormonal? I mean, if I ever wanted to propostion a celebrity, it would only be Richard or Colin, I imagine, and no talking to from ‘fan groups’ would stop  me… I guess there is a reason why my wet shirts and bare chests post from last year is so popular… Oh dear, this is running away with me, I must stop daydreaming about propostioning Richard and Colin…

23 thoughts on “Awards and propostions

  1. I will comment on the Critics’ Choice Awards decision. Margo Martindale performances are always outstanding and she is a favorite of critics and fans alike. I haven’t seen her on The Good Wife because I stopped watching that show the moment ‘Alicia’ cheated on her husband (so predictable – a disappointment). However, I watched Margo on Justified – playing one of the most evil women I’ve ever seen on television, and on The Americans, leaving an indelible mark on the outstanding drama. (If you are not watching that show, please do it)

    That said, Richard did deserve to win an award for playing Francis Dolarhyde. The problem was, the category lumps actors and actresses in the same group. Every other acting category is divided into actors and actresses. I believe Richard would have won if that had been the case. Therefore, the moment the Critics’ Choice Twitter account tweeted the link to their list of winners, I made the suggestion to please divide the Best Guest Actor/Actress on a TV Drama into actor and actress. (The same should happen for the TV comedies.)

    Our hopes now lie with the Emmy award, to be held in September. #fingerscrossed #hopespringseternal 😉

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    • Yes, you are right, that is a weird category to have them lumped together like that. And I don’t begrudge anyone else winning… I just always root for Richard. 🙂 Oh my, an Emmy would be awesome…

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    • I agree…lumping “actors” and “actresses” into one category is utter nonsense…I do not watch the “Good Wife”..Richard Armitage as Dohlarhyde was terrifying, sinister, pure evil, cold blooded and down right horrifying, and I am not a big Hannibal fan, having barely made it through season 2…I watched for Mr. Armitage…..Although I know he has said many times he cares not for “awards” and just wants to be respected for what he does, recognition in the form of an award, in front of his peers, would still be nice to receive and see……Just my opinion….Love the Armitage 🙂

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  2. Richard is fast becoming the Susan Lucci of actors. Ah well. He won, in my eyes.

    As for the other, someone hasn’t gotten enough attention obviously. I find it hard to believe that SHE is being overwhelmed over someone she hasn’t interviewed in over a year. I could say more, I won’t. Lord knows I”m controversial enough.

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    • On the second issue – it annoyed me enough to not be able to completely let it go and yes I have way more thoughts on it as well, but it’s not worth more time and talk and publicity…

      Susan Lucci – I don’t know her – should I? People know Thorin but in the scheme of things still many do not know Richard… Maybe like Lucci who may be known for a role but not necessarily as an actress?

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      • Susan Lucci was a (and still might be) a soap opera actress who was nominated like… 20 years in a row, maybe more for best actress and never won. It was her claim to fame.

        As for the other… you know, when that game across my radar, I was like… really? REALLY??? Talk about immature and unprofessional…

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    • Susan Lucci is a special case for losing the same award in the same category in the same role for a zillion years. Richard on the other hand has lost various awards for different roles for only a few years.. For example, you probably know this – he won the Favorite ( oops Favourite) British Actor award in 2014. If he keeps this up, he will most certainly at least earn some sort of Lifetime achievement award. Perhaps TAC will report this . . .and ask the voters to stop. 🙂


  3. LOL! Well, an honor to be nominated and all that…. but just as long as you proposition Richard and/or Colin DIRECTLY, rather than through private messaging Marlise about it, you’ll be fine. Seriously, though… I would rather expect that her gripe will have just the opposite effect. Probably an inbox full of ruffled feathers requesting her dating service. =)

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  4. Disappointed that Richard didn’t win. I also thought it odd that males and females were lumped together for this award. His day will come – fingers crossed 😉

    As for the other I believe someone is trying to get attention in any manner possible. Just my personal opinion.

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    • Yeah…. and I see where she’s coming from. I too see views on my blog rise when I write about RA, especially if there’s some hot issue. So I can see the benefits of stirring the pot when you try to make a living off your English-themed channel and things may be in a rut. Not that I find that strategy (if that is the case) particularly attractive but I do get it.

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  5. It would bother me if I thought Armitage cared. Maybe he does, but I hypothesize that he doesn’t much. I would really have liked him to win the Olivier. But there again, it’s an honor to be nominated and all. And there are tons of underrecognized actors out there, especially in television.

    re: propositioning — this is my point (and it’s a more general one). Nothing a fan or Richard Armitage has ever told me I should or shouldn’t do has swayed my fan behavior in the least. I have a conscience, even if it’s not operating according to someone else’s rules. And these people, including Armitage, are not moral authorities for me. For me, being told not to do something exponentially increases my desire to do it (even if it was something that hadn’t occurred to me before). I’m oppositional.

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    • I don’t think he’s in it for the awards, so winning an award would be a bonus for him, I imagine, and not a goal. So, while he may feel a twinge of ‘aw, too bad’, I would hope it doesn’t occupy him too much. He has better things to do. Like you, I would so have loved for him to receive the Olivier as I think The Crucible is one of the most stellar things I have ever seen him do! I still think about it all the time and just the other day my mom mentioned again how much she loved seeing it in the cinema.

      Regarding being oppositional – yes, I can see that. 🙂

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  6. Erotic interest will always be a part of fandom. And I find nothing wrong with that!

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  7. Schade, ich hätte es ihm wirklich gegönnt. Aber irgendwann wird er einen wichtigen Preis bekommen, da bin ich mir sicher!
    Und nackte Männeroberkörper gehen immer gut! v.a. wenn es um Mr. Darcy geht 🙂 Ich glaube ich will gar nicht wissen nach was die Leute im Internet so alles suchen…….
    Ich habe einmal ein bestimmtes Bild von RA gesucht und ‘shirtless’ bei google eingegeben. Du glaubst gar nicht (oder doch) was da alles an Bildern kommt, das wird sogar mir zuviel 😦

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