This is a bad bad week….

I’m just reading that Alan Rickman has died! Like Bowie, at the age of 69 and from cancer as well… stupid effin’ disease!

That’s it… I’ve had it…

Rest in peace, Alan Rickman!

15 thoughts on “This is a bad bad week….

  1. I hate cancer. I hate it!

    What terrifies me is deaths come in threes. I’m honestly scared to death.


  2. Oh no. I didn’t even know Alan had cancer :(. NOT SNAPE! NOoo. That’s really sad


  3. I’ve just read the sad new… Oh no, not Alan… 😦


  4. Oh yes, I was so shocked when I just heard it. This is sooo sad 😦 I really liked him!


  5. I just read it here on your blog. I have tears in my eyes. I am absolutely gutted. This is too, too much for one week!

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  6. I like him very much 😦 and I really love him in Robin Hood! He was great! Thank you for the clip πŸ™‚


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