Gospel Bowie

I’m still processing David Bowie passing away… so here’s my Bowie pick of the day.

From the movie Labyrinth it’s the song “Underground”. Totally infectious, with gospelchoir backing. The video features creatures from the movie. This is the happy, swinging Bowie… I love it!

I’ve been listening to the new album, but it’s somewhat painful to hear him sing about death… First impression is that the music is again unconventional, need to get used to it, and yes, quite brilliant as well! Bowie is good at challenging you and he does it again with this last album…



9 thoughts on “Gospel Bowie

  1. Processing is the right word, his death came as such a shock. It’s only a few weeks ago that his musical Lazarus was announced. And he probably still had a lot of ideas for new music and other projects we’ll never hear or see.
    Heroes is an absolute favorite of mine and Space Oddity is special too. I haven’t listened to anything from the new album yet, somehow I keep postponing that.

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    • I know what you mean about postponing that. I have listened to the new album once and find it difficult to go back to it again even though the first listen intrigued me. I need a little more time…


  2. So many great tributes to him, everywhere I look. I’m glad to see “Labyrinth” being singled out because it’s such a good memory for me.

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  3. Bin gespannt was Du zu dem neuen Album sagen wirst !

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