We are Cats – resistance is futile!

So, sit back and have a beer…

… even if you are not a cat person…

RA Woof

… but you do move like a cat…


… and you have colleagues who enjoy cats…

IanMcKellan kitten

…just sit back, you not-a-cat-person, and watch this!


Absolutely adorable, right? My cats, especially our 1.5 year old pitch black one, come and ask for cuddles like that too and it’s just heartwarming and makes you smile! In fact, at the time we chose that particular black kitty at the shelter precisely because she presented herself as being so cuddly. No one can resist that. Here my cats are (pictures taken over the Christmas holiday)…


… go on, beautiful, right? I will turn dog lovers into cat lovers yet!

9 thoughts on “We are Cats – resistance is futile!

  1. Oh die beiden sind ja knuffig! Kommen sie zum schmusen wenn du auf dem Sofa liegst? Oder sind sie eher unabhängige Prinzessinnen?

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  2. That was a pretty darn cute video! Our cats are the attention-seeking lovey dove types as well. We’ve had plenty of aloof cats in the past, but at the moment we have snugglers.

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    • I love snugglers, As I was just saying in German above, our red cat likes to snuggle up against us, the black one always wants to lie on top of us, no matter what else we might be doing (like typing on a laptop) at that time… 🙂

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  3. Thanks–one for us cat-lovers! The Ian McKellen photo is priceless!

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