Critic’s Choice award for Richard?

Richard is nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award (Best Guest Actor/Actress in a Drama Series) for his role as Francis Dolarhyde in Hannibal ! I’m so thrilled!

Although I will never be a Hannibal fan, I love what he did with the role of Dolarhyde! He showed new things in his acting in that role that I had never seen before and that amazed me.


I’m keeping everything crossed for him to win! The nominees in his category:

Richard Armitage – Hannibal – NBC
Justin Kirk – Manhattan – WGN America
Patti LuPone – Penny Dreadful – Showtime
Margo Martindale – The Good Wife – CBS
Marisa Tomei – Empire – Fox
B.D. Wong – Mr. Robot – USA

I have seen none of the other shows, so I have no idea on what Richard’s chances for winning are. Hugh Dancy is also nominated as Best Actor, by the way. I like Hugh Dancy, hope he wins too!

Awards show will be on January 17th. I hope Richard will be there… Hopefully looking a little more charming than this…

RA Dollarhyde


13 thoughts on “Critic’s Choice award for Richard?

  1. Isn’t this cool?! I am so happy für him!!!

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  2. Without trying to put a dampener on it – what kind of award is it? I mean, who is giving it? I had never heard of it before…
    Having said that – I am thrilled he is nominated again, for TV work, which will hopefully put him even bigger on the map. Plus – the ideal thing for the post-Christmas lull.

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  3. I am familiar with the Critics Choice Awards and I am not a follower of award shows (unless Richard is nominated.) I believe I am more familiar with the movie awards rather than the television awards. It appears to attract well known actors for both shows. It will be broadcast on A&E in the US.

    From wiki: The awards were originally named simply Critics’ Choice Awards and began in 1996. In 2010, the word Movie was added to their name, to differentiate them from the Critics’ Choice Television Award, which began 2011 by the newly created Broadcast Television Critics Association. The name Critics’ Choice Awards now officially refers to both sets of awards collectively.

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  4. This is fabulous! I haven’t seen any of the other shows, so it’s hard for me to guage his chances. An honor to be nominated to be sure. =)

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  5. I will keep my fingers crossed for him!

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  6. He was incredibly amazing in this role, sometimes hard to watch, he made me jump a few times..I do hope he wins this, he deserves to…..

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